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An excellent alliance’: Scandinavians join British forces for drills

The North Yorkshire-based Royal Lancers teamed up with the Royal Danish Army for Exercise Lucknow Lancer in Scotland last month.

Around 750 personnel, using approximately 300 vehicles, made their way from Catterick Garrison to the Galloway Forest Park, the largest of its kind in the UK.

The aim of the exercise was to develop interoperability between British forces and NATO partners, as well as prepare soldiers for Operations Cabrit (Poland) and Elgin (Kosovo) later this year.

‘They are always good people to work with’

Lieutenant Colonel Richmond, Commanding Officer of the Royal Lancers, said:

This is about working with our allies and increasing our ability to fight together. It is an excellent alliance and it works really well.

It is a big exercise. We are bringing together the UK, Denmark, Canada, and the US. It really is a Battlegroup, where we have got all arms represented so we can fight effectively in every way. It’s genuinely brilliant having the Danes here, our cultures are similar. We’ve been working together for decades.

Danish forces, represented by 150 soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, The Guard Hussar Regiment, were well-received by their British counterparts throughout the exercise.

Sergeant Eaton, who was in charge of electronic communications in Battlegroup Headquarters, said:

I’ve worked with the Danish on previous operations and they are always good people to work with.

Their English is really, really good and we can understand what they are trying to say to us. They can generally understand us if we don’t have too thick of an accent!