Harrogate Hospital
Harrogate Hospital

Harrogate Hospital confirm they don’t have any cases of Coronavirus/ Covid-19

15 March 2020

Harrogate Hospital have confirmed that they are not dealing with any confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

This was confirmed at 9:35am on 15 March 2020 by a member of the HDFT management team.

Public Health England advise remains as requiring people to self-isolate if they have a high temperature and/or a persistent cough. This should be for 7-days from the onset, and not just until symptoms clear.

See update at 16:25 on 15 March 2020  Confirmed case of COVID-19/ Coronavirus in Harrogate

Please see this link for details:

See Public Health England updated advice around coronavirus (COVID-19)


  1. This is all lie they even have 4 suspected with the virus and it is on their isolation ward. And there is 1 confirmed on medical short stay ward. What a shame to deny it.

    • Person under investigation PUI is different to confirm corona virus patient all the patient in the harrogate hospital are PUI but they need to be isolated just in case they will become positive so the bulletin is not a lie please just be smart to know about the virus and don’t panic awareness is better

  2. I’d be interested to know where you got this information from and why you think the hospital would try to cover it up.
    Suspected case is not a confirmed case, any confirmed cases would not then be kept on one of the busiest wards in the hospital.
    Despite not having any cases the hospital is doing their best to prepare for what is coming, unlike most places they have had time to make these preparations and we should thank our lucky stars that they have.
    Everyone in harrogate has a responsibility to try and reduce the impact this could have on the town. It is not just down to healthcare staff.

  3. Thank you for the great news 🙏. Is our responsibility to stay back and keep our self safe. Not like many other people like still partying or dining out like nothing has happened!!!

  4. It is a very irresponsible act to make such a allegation, why would harrogate hospital deny such a serious situation ; I really wish senseless idiots like this would not frighten people totally wicked .indeed it would be very much in the interests of the population to be aware. Michael warner

  5. When I was there they was 16 Suspected cases and they have closed a ward down so they are covering it up

    • They have not closed a ward down, they have created an isolation ward in preparation for cases of the virus! They do this now to minimise the risk to other patients and staff when we do get our first case!
      Why on earth would they cover it up?! To inform the public when we have our first case is in everyone’s best interest to reduce the chance of spreading it!
      Please tell me what reasons they would have for keeping quiet?!

  6. They are not dealing with confirmed cases as they are not testing, even when you call with all the symptoms and the affected person has a heart problem and compromised immune system they just tell you to ride it out. She may have it or she may not but if they don’t test it makes the numbers affected look smaller.

  7. Instructions have been if your symptoms become more severe they you contact 111 and will be told what to do. They cannot test everybody who has a dry cough etc regardless of preexisting conditions. It would be maniac otherwise. It’s about being sensible and monitoring.

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