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Confirmed case of COVID-19/ Coronavirus in Harrogate

15 March 2020

Harrogate Hospital have confirmed that they are now caring for a patient that has a confirmed COVID-19/ Coronavirus infection.

Updated 16:25 on 15 March 2020.

Robert Harrison, Chief Operating Officer at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, said:

We can confirm that we are currently caring for a patient who has tested positive for the COVID-19 infection.

They are being very safely cared for by our highly skilled team at Harrogate District Hospital and all of the appropriate protection measures are in place.

As always, our prime concern is to respect patient confidentiality at all times and we would ask the media to do the same.

Services continue to run as usual across the hospital.

See Public Health England updated advice around coronavirus (COVID-19) for advice

Harrogate Hospital


  1. I do hope that it is not someone who has been to a ‘dangerous’ place and come back in a rather selfish way?

    • The UK is as dangerous as anywhere now. Testing is limited to those in hospital – the real numbers are much, much higher than is being reported. Let’s wish this poor person all the very best for a speedy recovery – regardless of where they’re from.

    • What a ridiculous comment, th most dangerous plac e anyone can be inside the mind who makes that kind of comment!

    • What are people supposed to do. If they come back and get I’ll. They have to come home. There are no laws here to self isolate if no symptoms. Blame Boris , Simon.

  2. So what do we do if you visit while they are in there? For example I’ve not long just been in the out of hours gp department and left at 4pm

  3. So their statement this morning that they ‘were not dealing with any confirmed cases’, while technically true, was a bit misleading as they missed off the … but we are dealing with some potential cases. I’m sorry but they must have known!
    When will people learn that if you want to retain public trust and confidence you need to be totally transparent.

    • But in fairness to them, we didn’t ask them that question. Isn’t the reality is that there are lots of potential cases, including all those that are self isolating.

  4. do you lot honestly believe the government who can not tell the truth as the economy comes first otherwise it will collapse there is thousands of cases that are not confirmed as it would frighten the public you all get letters and the postman has been touching every bodys letter box you all open your mail its a disease that is highly contagious so wake up and smell the cofee

      • I’m afraid there’s some worse than stockpiling, I’ve heard reports of people selling on ebay and markets eg hand sanitiser for £20.

        i’ve also heard that food banks are very low on stock. Could you remember to leave something in the basket at the supermarket, or ask staff if you can’t find it.

  5. I would imagine they will be doing contact tracing and asking the patient who they may have been in contact with and making those investigations.
    They’re not just gonna print the name in the papers.

  6. Can I ask that people stop being so blooming selfish? Buy what you need not take everything off the shelves! There are vulnerable people that will be in pain and not be able to buy paracetamol etc because someone has a dozen packets in their cabinet which 95% will never get used and will just expire. Also hand sanitiser, why buy so much ? The battle against this virus is going to be more effective if everybody has some rather than, again, some having cupboards full, others having none!

    • I’m afraid there’s some worse than stockpiling, I’ve heard reports of people selling on ebay and markets eg hand sanitiser for £20.

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