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Why you should vote on 5 May – Bill Rigby, Green Party

5 May 2022

Bill Rigby said:

“Failing to vote is as bad as pissing on the graves of your ancestors”

So said an old campaigner (and European MEP) of my acquaintance.

The voting system we are in now has been reached through the sacrifice and campaigning of countless men and women through the centuries. It is far from perfect, but it will have to do on 5 May.
Vote because rulers don’t like it.They actually want you to be fed up and disinclined to vote – that way all the dirty dealing can go on unchecked.

If any group gets feels it is safe because people are not going to vote them out, the situation gets worse and worse – and this is true whether the right or the left is in the driving seat.
How is it possible to respond to your kids and their kids, when they ask you why you didn’t vote?

Vote because it is not a perfect system – if you think it should change, vote for a party who agrees with you and wants change too..There are some!

If you have no time for politics, spend three minutes once in a while casting a vote, so that others can get on with the job. If you don’t cast your vote, you are voting for the system to get worse than it is already.

Better still, take time to read what the Parties send you, and make a conscious choice.

North Yorkshire in particular need people to vote, because the “one party state” has existed for far too long. The group in power certainly has the advantage, but every empire topples sooner or later, and if you want change, it will be a long time before you get another chance.


To find the Ward you are in:

Enter your postcode and select “North Yorkshire Council divisions”

Go to Spectrum Spatial Analyst (northyorks.gov.uk)


For the list of councillors nominated in each area:


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