Harrogate Bus company helps volunteers to take supplies to those self-isolating

17 March 2020

Bus operator offers free travel for organised groups to deliver food, medicines and vital supplies.

As the UK prepares for an expected rise in cases of Coronavirus, Harrogate’s leading bus operator, The Harrogate Bus Company, is to support volunteers helping those living in isolation.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the UK is approaching the “fast growth part of the upward curve” in the Coronavirus outbreak, and anyone with a new cough or a temperature – and anyone living with them – is advised to remain at home for 14 days. Meanwhile those over 70 or who have a significant health condition are being asked to avoid unnecessary social contact with other people.

Following the latest Government update, it’s anticipated that organised groups of volunteers will be formed to help deliver food, medicine and vital supplies to those living in isolation at home – and now, The Harrogate Bus Company is offering these groups free travel on any of its buses to complete that task.

The Harrogate Bus Company’s General Manager Frank Stanisauskis said: “This is clearly a very worrying and challenging time for many in the communities we serve, and we want to do everything we possibly can to support local people as they respond to the latest health advice.

“The role of volunteers will be vital in getting supplies to those who must remain in their homes and have no other way of accessing food, prescription medicines and so on, and it’s heart-warming to see so many people already offering to help. We want to support those who are giving their time and effort to support people coming to terms with living in isolation at home.

“Our message to them is that if you’re supporting someone who can’t leave their home because of the preventative measures being taken around Coronavirus, you can ride for free on our local buses to take them the things that they need to get by.

“Our local network of buses around town, and to smaller villages around the area, provide a vital service to some of the most needy and vulnerable people in our community at the best of times. We know things are difficult for people right now, and we want to make it easier to get food, medicine or general supplies out to those who need it.”

Organisers leading groups delivering essential supplies who would like to know more should contact The Harrogate Bus Company by email, at: helpingout@transdevbus.co.uk.

Meanwhile additional measures are in place to reassure everyone that The Harrogate Bus Company’s buses are safe to use. The cleaning regime is thorough, with each bus cleaned inside and out every night, while extra valeting is taking place during the day at bus stations. Additionally, the number of extra cleans buses receive during the day has been raised, while the use of disinfectant, particularly on well-used surfaces, has been increased.

Soap and hot water is available to all bus drivers where they take their breaks as usual – and in addition, all drivers are being given personal sanitiser gel kits for use when they’re on the move.

Full details of all services provided by The Harrogate Bus Company are available on the free to download Transdev Go mobile app, and online at: https://www.transdevbus.co.uk/harrogate.

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