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Harrogate Local Plan goes before Planning Inspectorate


Today (15 January 2019) will see the start of the Harrogate Local Plan being subject to an independent examination conducted by the Planning Inspectorate.

A Hearings Programme will take place from 15 January 2019 and run until 25 January 2019 – see the list of submissions here.

The Local plan core documents can be found  here https://www.harrogate.gov.uk/localplansubmission

The local plans lays out the plans for the development of the district, including economic and housing development or a 20 year vision for the district.

In 2014 the Inspectorate threw out the local plan as being inadequate. This is now a very different local plan.


Councillor Rebecca Burnett, cabinet member with responsibility for planning, said:

We’re pleased to reach the next milestone in the preparation of the local plan.

The examination is a comprehensive process which will delve right into everything we’ve done and all the other representations that have been made, with many other interested parties around the table.

Once it is complete we will hopefully we on the final stretch to adopting a local plan and bringing that much needed extra level of local planning policy to the area.


The first day will see a legal challenge from the Flaxby Park Developers. Flaxby Park has not been identified as the preferred location for a new settlement.

The outcome and progress of the hearings is unknown and will very much depend on what the inspector says and if he recommends minor or any major amendments.

There will most likely be another consultation before we formally adopt the plan, on the inspectors recommended modifications.


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