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Harrogate Convention Centre reports highest lettings income since 2014

17 June 2024

The Harrogate Conference Centre are reporting business growth for the 2023/24 financial year and strong forecast for next year.

  • Highest Lettings Income Since 2014
  • Lettings income for Harrogate Convention Centre (HCC) in the year ending March 2024 is the highest since 2014,
  • A 19% increase on 2022/23
  • 14% increase on pre-Covid levels in 2019/20

Among the major drivers of growth are conferences and large-scale trade exhibitions, such as Home & Gift Buyers’ Festival coming up in July.

A new sales strategy has enabled the venue to accommodate multiple events in different parts of the building complex.

Various initiatives implemented in recent years have also helped drive client satisfaction and attract new events. These include cosmetic improvements to the venue, sustainability and accessibility initiatives, a more targeted sales approach and the incorporation of the catering team under the in-house brand Matcham’s—a move that has brought significant improvement to the team’s catering capacity, service, menus, equipment, suppliers and overall performance.

Conferences and Trade Exhibitions Drive Growth

Two event sectors that saw substantial growth are conferences and trade exhibitions.

Lettings from conferences in 2023/24, which include national and international associations, professional and corporate conferences, have increased 27% on the previous year and surpassed pre-Covid levels (2019/20) by 17%

Trade exhibitions, such as Harrogate Christmas & Gift Fair, Bridal Week Harrogate and the upcoming Home & Gift Buyers’ Festival that attracts thousands of visitors and exhibitors to Harrogate in July each year, have seen lettings increase 24% on 2022/23 and surpass pre-Covid levels (2019/20) by 22%.

Strong Growth Anticipated for Next Year

Growth is expected to continue, as lettings revenue has already exceeded target for this year and is going strong for 2025/26.


Paula Lorimer, Director of Harrogate Convention Centre, said:

The exceptional continued growth is the result of unwavering hard work of the team. Large-scale business events that draw visitors from outside Harrogate are vital to the town and region’s visitor economy. We are delighted to see that the event industry is on a healthy trajectory of growth and Harrogate continues to attract event organisers from around the UK.

I would like to thank the wonderful hospitality businesses in Harrogate that support our events and make delegates feel welcome. We will continue to bring quality events and footfall to the town and ensure that investment in the venue translates into valuable economic impact on Harrogate for years to come.


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