River Nidd
River Nidd

Extinction Rebellion Harrogate launches “Poo Patrol” along River Nidd

On Saturday 18 May 2024, Extinction Rebellion Harrogate will gather in Knaresborough to launch awareness of pollution in the River Nidd.

The venture, named the “Poo Patrol”, will consist of activists dressed in white overalls with fishing rods. The patrol will be pretending to fish the poops out of the River Nidd from Knaresborough’s A59 Bridge, as a visual image of what is in the river.

Knaresborough Lido on the River Nidd has this week been granted designated bathing water status.

MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough Andrew Jones has stated he believes the water to be safe after leading a bid to improve the water quality of the Nidd.

The group will be staging a pantomime to help draw families, whilst providing information about ways that people can ask for better water standards within the River Nidd.

Extinction Rebellion is keen to welcome members of the public to stop and speak with the group. Information will be available about the reports written on the state of the River Nidd, and people will be encouraged to contact CEO of Yorkshire Water.

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