Felicity Cunliffe-Lister
Felicity Cunliffe-Lister

Felicity Cunliffe-Lister, Libdem Mayoral candidate, releases her 26-page manifesto

1 April 2024

Felicity Cunliffe-Lister has released her 26 page manifesto in advance of the York and North Yorkshire Mayoral election on 2 May. This endorses her seven key deliverable policies, which were announced when her campaign was launched, with specific pledges and detailed themes.

The Manifesto expands on the role of the Mayor and the opportunities for the region that the appointment creates. There are four themes that are addressed in detail : The Way we Live, Our Waterways, Creating Growth and Prosperity and Our Natural Potential. This is available for download at the Manifesto & Policies page on her website www.felicity4mayor.co.uk


Felicity said:

Having lived and raised a family in North Yorkshire and run a successful business there for 24 years, many of my policies are based on my experience and legal background. I have also taken specialist advice on some of the more thorny issues, to help establish what the most effective solutions are to the issues we face, that will also deliver the best value for money.

I know that there are issues that specifically impact North Yorkshire such as the shortage of affordable housing, poor public transport, connectivity, rural isolation and staff shortages.  My policies are to generate sustainable economic growth, create more affordable homes, and improve the health and wellbeing of all who live here.


These issues will be addressed specifically with policies that include :

  • creating flats in empty premises above shops in our market towns; funding household improvements to bring down energy bills and supporting community energy and heat hubs; controlling second home and holiday let ownership with regulation and licensing schemes; supporting community led housing schemes
  • a single ticket integrated bus service, getting us to work, to our community & healthcare, to education and to the train.
  • investing in the green energy and bioeconomy sectors to generate growth and job creation; assisting farmers as they transition to the SFI scheme, enabling access to carbon credit and BNG schemes, providing funding to generate off-grid green energy; driving forward an innovative tourism strategy to get Yorkshire back on the map.
  • Investing in a catchment wide natural flood management scheme for the Nidd, Ure and Swale rivers that will reduce flooding in our towns and villages, compensate farmers and improve biodiversity and water quality.



There are 5 candidates, with elections on the 2 May 2024.

  • Keith Tordoff – Independent Candidate
  • Felicity Cunliffe – Lister – Libdems
  • David Skaith – Labour
  • Kevin Foster – Green Party
  • Keane Duncan – Conservative Party
  • Paul Haslam – Independent Candidate


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