ossett - Mr Milburn with Students
Headteacher, Tim Milburn with some of the students

Ofsted acknowledge work done by Rossett School and a quickly improving school

4 March 2024

Ofsted visited Rossett School on the 23 January, and undertook an interim inspection. Previously they had full inspection in January 2023.

The inspection was to look at the schools progress since the last full inspection.

The report that was released today (4 March 24), and acknowledged that the school leaders had made progress to improve the school, that more work was needed, and it was ongoing.

In September 2023 the school had a new headteacher appointed, along with an interim Executive Board from the Trust, Red Kite Learning. That meant that some improvements only followed those changes, but the report said “The school’s improvement priorities are now starting to become embedded and pupils are receiving an improved quality of education as a result.”

The school now has a greater focus on attendance, and towards pupils that are not doing as well as they could.

Ofsted said that there is a clear improvement plans to address the next steps identified at the previous inspection. That is a plan that is monitored and evaluated by the headteacher, other leaders in school, the IEB and by the trust.

Mention was also give to the school accessing external support to review the curriculum and systems for attendance.

Ofsted said in the report “School and trust leaders have ensured that the school is improving quickly. You are aware that there is more work to do to improve published outcomes, particularly of disadvantaged pupils, and to increase pupils’ attendance.”

Headteacher, Tim Milburn said:

I am really pleased that the monitoring visit recognised that we have secured improvements to behaviour through raised expectations as well as a new lesson structure.

We will continue to have high expectations for all students, whether it be about attendance, punctuality, uniform, or behaviour.

These high expectations, which are rooted in our shared values, allow the individual and the whole community to work and learn in a safe, productive, and happy environment. Where students challenge our expectations, we will continue to take appropriate action that minimises the effect on those who are routinely choosing to do the right thing.

This is an area where parental support is so powerful, and I am grateful for their continued support.

Although we have had a sharper focus on attendance, we know this is an area where we must continue to improve.

We must not underestimate the correlation between strong attendance, positive outcomes, and increased life chances, hence why it is so important to the overall improvement of the school.

Whilst 90% on a test would look very positive, 90% attendance in a school year would mean 19 days and 95 lessons lost. Every moment counts and this is an area where school and home must continue to work together.

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