Harrogate Round Table Charity Stray Bonfire 2023

The Harrogate Round Table give their thanks to all that supported the Stray Bonfire Night

7 November 2023

The Harrogate Round Table would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the incredible individuals and families who joined them on Saturday night for the Annual Harrogate Charity Stray Bonfire Night.

Despite the extremely wet weather, the publics presence illuminated the gathering, and the Round Table say they are  incredibly grateful for the  unwavering support.

We hope you had a fantastic time, sharing stories, laughter, and the warmth of the community.


Harrogate Round Table Charity Stray Bonfire 2023


The Round Table said:

While the event was a tremendous success for the community, we’d like to take a moment to shed light on some challenges we are currently facing. Unfortunately, adverse weather conditions and the cost of living crisis have presented us with difficulties in meeting our fundraising goals.

The cost of holding this wonderful community event has risen dramatically over the last 3 years in line with inflation and the dramatic cost of living that we are all feeling.

We are still processing payments and accumulating this year’s totals, but at this stage we can see that it is  not likely we will meet previous totals raised and may well struggle to cover the cost of the event. This brings into question the viability of future bonfire events.

The Annual Harrogate Charity Stray Bonfire Night has been a cherished tradition, bringing our community together for the past 52 years.

However, due to the increased expenses and risks involved in its planning, we are faced with the unfortunate possibility that this may be the last Harrogate Charity Stray Bonfire Night that Harrogate Round Table hosts. If we do not receive the necessary financial support.

We are now turning to our community and supporters for assistance.

To ensure the continuity of this treasured tradition, we kindly ask for your continued support through donations. Harrogate Round Table have a GoFundMe campaign to make contributing as convenient as possible. Your generosity will directly impact our ability to continue hosting these events for everyone to enjoy.

To make a donation, please visit our GoFundMe page here:


The Harrogate Round Table team firmly believes in the power of community, and with your support, they can overcome the current challenges and continue to provide memorable experiences for all. Please join us in preserving this wonderful tradition for future generations.

They have given a massive Thank You to the sponsors who helped fund our event: Richard Eves Architects, LCF, The Knox pub, Jesper’s bar, Lights4Fun, and Reveal.

Also Thank You to our main suppliers: Ferrensby Fireworks, Your Harrogate, Vintage Event Bars, The Scouts, HACS Group, FTAV, SEP traffic management, EMS ambulance, H&H locations, and Dr Loo.

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