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Plumpton Rocks re-opens for the 2023 season

31 March 2023

Plumpton Rocks is re-opening on the 1 April for the 2023 season.

After being closed for a number of years, it reopened in 2022 during late Summer/ Autumn.

There have been some changes, and they are now accepting card payment, as well as cash, plus there is now a toilet.

  • Now Card or Cash
  • Entry £5 per person (aged 16 and above)
  • Free parking on site
  • Toilet on site
  • Bus stops on Wetherby to Harrogate route, but they are unmarked bus stops near the Plumpton junction
  • Open 7 to 10 April 2023, and weekends/ bank holidays until end of September
  • Reviewing longer opening times

Robert Hunter, owner of Plumpton Rocks, said:

We opened for weekends in September and October during 2022, and was very successful.

Listening to feedback though, we need to develop the site a little, and now have card payment as well as a toilet on-site – that should just add greater convenience for our visitors.

Also, as we get going for the year, we want to develop, and mark the routes, more clearly, have more benches, and a coffee wagon.

It’s about just developing the site a little, still retaining its character, but making it more attractive for visitors.

We are also looking out how we can make more use of the site with local schools, social enterprises, amd charities.




  1. I walked there today. Still closed, poor signs and no one around. How disappointing to read an article that it’s open, they’re poor information on the website and no details about opening times.

  2. I agree. Despite signs outside the centrance and the website confirming it is open weekends in September and October it is definitely closed. In this day and age it must be possible to get this information updated. Luckily found a plan B.

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