Richard Tice Reform UK
Richard Tice Reform UK

Reform UK to target Harrogate in the next General Election

11 January 2023

Reform UK has said that Harrogate will be a target seat in the next General Election.

The Brexit Party became Reform UK in January 2021, and has Richard Tice as Chairman. Richard was a key figure in Brexit, but the party runs on a mandate of greater democracy.

Since formation, they have developed a manifesto in many areas, most recently radical proposal around the NHS. They are proposals that have gained the support of Professor Karol Sikora, an acknowledged world leader on cancer, and an outspoken critic of the NHS.

Richard Tice, talking about their proposals for the NHS, said:

There is an ideology excluding private health involvement with the NHS, and we conducted a poll that showed that 81% do not care who carries out any treatment, they just want it done.
We would encourage recruitment and look to retain staff with a zero basic rate of income tax for all frontline healthworkers and social care staff who live in the UK.

The higher rate of 40p for earnings over £50,270 would remain in place for the better paid.

We believe this would lead to at least £1 billion in savings from the use of agency staff, but would have a net cost to the taxpayer of £9 to £10 billion.

I also prepose spending another £9 billion buying in 3 million private healthcare operations to bing the waiting lists down to zero.

This can be paid for by making annual savings of £20 to £40 billion by reorganising Britain’s quantitive easing debt which is currently worth £850 billion.

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Reform UK believe that there are challenges around democracy, both nationally, regionally, and more locally.

Richard Tice said:

We have seen a gradual disengagement of councillors representating the people. Local councils have largely stopped listening, and engaging with local people. That is perhaps culturally come from Westminster, but also it is a product of a cabinet system, where power is in the hands of a few.

There are some great local councillors, but they can often be constrained by a system that doesn’t give them a fair voice in a local council. That system has also discouraged some of the better people coming forward to serve as councillors.

I have followed some of the developments in Harrogate over the years, and I know how passionate people are about the town, and the Stray. That is demonstrated by how vocal people are with what should or shouldn’t be done with the town.

There is no way to have change that meets what everyone wants, but what we can have is change, where everyone is take on journey together, or in simple terms more listening and explaining.

An example of that is the traffic changes in the town, that has divided people. The town is for everyone, but for any change to really work, it has to have buy-in from the majority, and great understanding, and perhaps slightly begrudged acceptance by others.

Reform UK has said that they will field a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for the Harrogate seat. They believe that the current divided political situation between Conservative, and Liberal Democrats gives a great opportunity. They say that recent events have demonstrated a need to take government and politics back to a fundamental base of representing the people, and a reform to take democracy back.

Richard Tice said:

Harrogate is fairly typical of many areas with a Conservative MP, but the recent local council elections showed a shift towards Liberal Democrats gaining more seats, but not enough to be the lead party in the council.

It does show that there is an appetite for change, and appetite for listening and doing things in a better way.

Then there are the big questions of if Devolution, and a mayor is right for the county. Most people I have spoken to in North Yorkshire about this are uninterested or just confused by it.

Reform UK has seen a surge in followers, both from media channels, followers on social media, and people joining the party. That gives a big message in itself.

I know some will say that we are a fledgling political party, but I would urge them to look at our manifesto on our website.

But it is very exciting to shortly to be putting forward our candidate to represent the people of Harrogate, Knaresborough and Boroughbridge

Further details on Reform UK can be found here

Or on Facebook  Reform Party UK – Harrogate District | Facebook

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  1. You are a fantasist Richard … and a very poor businessman…
    What’s happened to your career at Quidnet .. oh yes losses and litigation …
    Brexit was always going to be a shocker .. it just gets worse every day …but then you were never an economist, because you failed your O and A levels and did surveying at Manchester poly.. and then got a job in Grandads building firm …
    Perfect I would say to run the country (into the ground) even further to the economic damage caused by Brexit …

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