circus montini HARROGATE

Circus Montini arrives on the Harrogate Stray

7 September 2022

Circus Montini have opened their show on the Harrogate Stray today (7 September 2022)

  • Harrogate Stray
  • From 7th Sept 2022 to 11th Sept 2022
  • Weds to Fri – 4.45pm & 7.30pm
  •  Sat – 12.30pm, 3pm & 6pm
  • Sun – 12.30pm & 3pm

Circus Montini is a new concept in modern circus but owes much to the early days of this unique form of family entertainment which was the toast of the town wherever it went and attracted the lords and ladies of the day as well as the rest of the population. Everyone wanted to see the circus.

circus montini HARROGATE

circus montini HARROGATE

The Circus Montini props, the costumes, the amazing lighting and the incredible sound are totally 2020 but the quality of performance and the general atmosphere in the state-of-the-art Big Top brings back those days when the circus was a ‘must visit’ for all levels of British society.

Most of today’s circuses – large and small – restrict their tours to cities and major towns, a far cry from those first touring shows which were also taken to village greens and the recreation grounds of the small towns off the beaten track. Circus Montini is following in the wheel tracks of those great circuses of the past and is returning to the ethos of taking a family show to the people, creating a memorable experience on their doorstep. No need to drive miles and endure the road works and fuel costs of motoring – Circus Montini has come to you!

circus montini HARROGATE circus montini HARROGATE circus montini HARROGATE

What can you expect to see while sitting in your comfortable seats? The best of circus! A blend of the traditional gymnastics which wowed audiences all those years ago, the comedy that made them laugh and the thrills that made them blink in utter disbelief.

You will also see the incredible athleticism of acrobats and aerialists who not only amaze with their skills but risk their lives daily.

You will see production and choreography that would grace any major theatre stage in London’s West End. In short – you will see Circus Montini.

circus montini HARROGATE
Seating is limited so that everyone can enjoy this unique 2 hour experience so booking in advance is advised. Circus Montini has successfully blended and ancient and modern to create an event that will live in the memory for a very long time.

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