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Here Come the Harrogate Ladies’ College STEM Girls!

19 August 2022

Pupils at Harrogate Ladies’ College are today celebrating an excellent set of A level results which include impressive grades in Sciences and Maths.

Pupils at the school achieved top results across all subjects with 69 per cent of all grades at A*-B level; 42% at A*-A and 22% at the highest A* grade, including 100% of Further Maths grades.

Sylvia Brett, Principal of Harrogate Ladies’ College said:

These are a fantastic set of results and a reflection of all the effort the girls, supported by our incredible staff, have put in.

I’m particularly proud of our success in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), and that as an all-girls school we are leading the way in encouraging girls into careers in science and engineering.

The most important thing for me though is that pupils are free to follow their own passions and aren’t restricted by their gender. We have girls going on to study an incredibly diverse range of subjects including Politics, Law and Comic Design. Our Head of Choir has also been accepted into the Royal Marines Conservatoire.

This has been a long journey for these pupils who sat their exams in the aftermath of Covid and all the challenges that surrounded that period, and today’s results are testament to their resilience and determination. They are incredible young people.

Among the pupils celebrating today is Chloe Foster who is heading north to the University of St Andrews to study Medicine after sweeping the board with an impressive three A*s and an A. She previously secured eleven Grade 9s in her GCSEs at the school in 2020.

She said the school had nurtured her love of learning and provided lots of individual support and advice about revision and self-belief.

Chloe Foster said:

I’m so happy to be where I am today and I can’t wait to start the next chapter of my education at St Andrews. I relished the opportunity to study STEM subjects at school and discover what I was really interested in.

Another pupil, Jessica Jones, who is going on to study Medicine and Surgery at Newcastle University, achieved three A* grades and said she was thrilled with her results.

Harrogate Ladies College

Jessica Jones said:

I am so pleased and I want to thank everyone who has given me so much support and made me believe I could do this. At times, we all faced a challenge with the rules around Covid but our teachers could not have done more to help us.

Ophelia Leyshon will go on to study Physics at the University of Bristol after securing three A*s and one A.

Ophelia Leyshon said:

The Science and Maths departments were fantastic and offered me so much help and encouragement, and I can’t wait to go onto study Physics.

Harrogate Ladies College

Maths student Lauren Stott achieved two A*s, one A and one B, and will head to the University of Nottingham to study Mathematics.

Natasha Stevenson, who was awarded a music scholarship and was head of the Chapel Choir, has landed a place in the Royal Marines Conservatoire.

Other notable successes include Anona Raphael who is heading to the University of Liverpool to study Business Management and Laila Urquhart who is taking up Psychology at Lancaster University.

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