Andrew Jones MP
Andrew Jones MP

Andrew Jones MP says he won’t be supporting Boris Johnson in the vote of confidence


Andrew Jones MP, Harrogate & Knaresborough has said he will not be supporting Boris Johnson in the vote of confidence as Leader of the Conservative Party.

Andrew Jones MP said:

At the beginning of all the investigations into partygate I said ‘Lawmakers can’t be law breakers’.  I meant it and that is, in part, why I will not be supporting the Prime Minister in tonight’s confidence vote.  In part also it is because of the Prime Minister’s responses when questioned in the Commons and by the media about gatherings in Downing Street.

I have received emails from hundreds of people and the overwhelming majority of these think the Prime Minister should resign.  But it only takes one letter with one good reason for the point to be made.

There were many harrowing stories in those emails where people couldn’t visit elderly relatives or mourn them at their funerals.  These were people following the rules the Prime Minister set and championed.

And I know, in the great scheme of global events, a fixed penalty notice for the impromptu presentation of a birthday cake does not seem much.  But this isn’t a parking fine; it was a fine for a breach of rules brought in to protect public health and the NHS in a time of national crisis.

But on the other occasions separate to the birthday cake incident, the Prime Minister must surely have noticed as he raised a glass to say farewell to a leaving member of his staff that the tables around him were groaning with bottles of wine.  He must surely have questioned whether what was happening was within the rules.  Most of us would have known at a glance that these gatherings were not work.

A member of my team left during lockdown and we said goodbye remotely.  Had I walked in on a gathering of the type at which we saw the Prime Minister photographed then I would have stopped that event.

And in all the statements after that about the rules having been followed at all times the Prime Minister must have had a question mark in his mind over whether that was true because of what he had seen with his own eyes.  Most would have thought better of making such definitive statements because most people would have known in their hearts that work meetings do not consist of party games and copious bottles of wine.

So I believe that the Prime Minister, in addition to the fixed penalty notice, has shown a lack of judgement in making the many statements about partygate that he did. Most people, having seen what he had seen, would have judged those statements to be untrue and therefore not made them.


  1. I have read your comments with great interest and am so pleased we are represented by an MP who is seeing and speaking what many ordinary people believe. There is no doubt that Mr Johnson has done some great things at a very difficult time. But too many things also that make us question his integrity in this, the most important political position in the country. He has abused this position and let us down.
    Thank you for seeing what we the public see.

  2. I looked at the poll last night and 23 people voted. Most noted for him to leave. Given how many people live in Harrogste area proportion of the votes were minuscule. How does that equate to the vast proportion of people?. Whether you want him to stay or leave the claims if vast proportion is exaggerated

  3. The real reason to unseat the PM is nothing to do with so called Partygate, he has been hounded since becoming leader of the Conservative Party, Starting with the argument he had with his partner Carrie which made headline news and grew momentum when he won the GE with a huge majority; his popularity with the Electorate was unquestionable with a corresponding hate by his enemies and MSM who have relentlessly pursued an unprecedented witchunt to depose him. The fact Andrew Jones cannot see beyond the totally exaggerated Partygate, pursued vigorously by the Opposition and MSM, is of great concern to me and as a consequence he will no longer have my support or vote at future elections. I lost a close relative to Covid but in no way hold the PM responsible. Hopefully Boris Johnson, a great PM, can now complete the tasks he was elected to do and is doing an admirable job in these difficult times. Our MP should be ashamed of himself for not supporting the PM and extolling from the rooftops the positives this Government has achieved.

  4. Glad to hear you voted against Mr Johnson at least we have an mp with morals thank goodness we can’t keep supporting a liar it will make our country a laugh5stock

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