Traffic study underway in the Saints area of Harrogate could lead to further motor vehicle restrictions

5 May 2022

North Yorkshire County Council currently have a survey underway in the Saints area of Harrogate, including roads such Yewdale, Wheatlands Road, St Hilda’s and St Winifreds.

The survey has taken the form of car counter/ speed counter strips across the road, ANPR video type surveillance cameras and people with clipboards counting cars.

Highways have said that the survey will be used to influence highways changes that may make the use of motor vehicles in the area more difficult, while benefiting cycling and walking.

Barrie Mason, Assistant Director of Highways and Transportation, said:

To inform a forthcoming public engagement about potential active travel improvements and traffic calming measures, we are carrying out a traffic survey in the Oatlands Drive area.

The survey will establish the levels of parking across the area related to use of the Stray, residential parking, hospital parking and other uses. It will also capture the volume and speed of traffic and the type of vehicles in use.

Data from this survey will inform both modelling for the proposals and upcoming public engagement to capture residents’ views on current issues and the benefits of changes. In this way, the local community will be involved in the design process from the outset.

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