North Yorkshire festival ‘Glampfest’ is back!


Small North Yorkshire family festival based in fields on Market Flat Lane, near Scotton is back after a 2 year break due to COVID-19, bringing a whole range of activities, live music, street food and most importantly Glawnings…

This small Yorkshire-based festival called Glampfest was set up by VW enthusiasts James and Sarah Martin in 2017 off the back of their business Glawning Ltd.

Way back in 2013 James and Sarah sought to improve their camping set-up, searching for a more luxurious way of camping with their vintage campervan and after saying no to the obvious green or blue nylon awnings they soon found that not such a thing existed. Not ones to shy away from a challenge they invented one instead! Their very own Glawning was created in 2013.

The original Glawning consisted of a 100% cream cotton fabric and a bell tent type look to attach to and complement their vintage VW Campervan.

Their new awning stood out at festivals and campsites across the UK – and all for the right reasons! After the word got out the demand was obvious that this could be turned into their very own business.

Fast forward nearly 9 years and campers from the UK and beyond are in love with Sarah and James’s Glawnings. With thousands of Glawnings scattered about the UK their unique, classy set ups stands out from the generic nylon awning in dull colours.

Each Glawning is distinctive as campers style them in their very own way, bringing bunting, fairy lights, bedside tables, vintage suitcases and of course the signature Glawning Portable Woodburning Stove, meaning each Glawning has it’s own roaring fire. Now that’s what we call glamping!

As James and Sarah’s market grew and their customer base began to develop there was a definite need for a big meet up and in 2017 James and Sarah decided it was about time that
all these lovely Glawning Owners met up for one big party where they could admire each other’s decor and have a drink together.

At this festival, you can expect great live music from local bands, amazing food and drink and stunning camping setups. Donations are made to a chosen charity. Everyone is
welcome you and don’t need to own a Glawning to attend!

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