How is Yorkshire Creating an Environment for and Supporting Tech Investment?

Technology is a big industry in Yorkshire. You might think that every tech advancement is made in Silicon Valley and somehow lands in your local Argos, but the truth is that Yorkshire greatly contributes to the tech industry. If you’re interested in getting into tech in Yorkshire, whether that’s a switch up of careers, a STEM option for university, or simple curiosity into the subject, you can see our guide to Yorkshire’s contribution to the tech industry here. Read on for all the details.

Regulations on online gambling

Although online gambling is perfectly legal in the UK, overseen by the UK Gambling Commission, it is imperative to create a safe environment for players, which is a subject that often finds its way into Parliament.

In March of this year alone, North Yorkshire MP and Chancellor Rishi Sunak highlighted the concerns of individuals and charities around horse racing and called for more regulations in the gambling sector.

Gambling of all means has to be constantly updated in its regulations due to the advancements of technology that can affect the iGaming industry. Alternative payment methods and cryptocurrency are some of the latest technological advancements to affect online gambling, and there is no doubt that they will soon land on an MP’s desk.

In the meantime, the online industry should, and does, strive to create a safe environment while encouraging technological advancements, with support posted on every website as mandatory. Take a look at this list of casino bonuses, which all comply with gambling regulations set by the UK Gambling Commission if you’re interested in online casinos, sports betting or similar gaming platforms.

Encouraging diversity in STEM

It has long been spoken of that there are simply not enough minorities or women in the STEM industries. Yorkshire is one of many institutions trying to change that around the world.
The way Yorkshire has gone about it is by creating the STEM Ambassador Hub, made up of volunteers from science, technology, engineering, and math backgrounds looking to get children of all backgrounds interested in STEM industries. Over 2,500 volunteers put on workshops of various levels across West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, and Greater Manchester.

There is also the University of York’s Science Education Group, which allows for research and development on subjects of a student’s choice with training and support from highly qualified individuals.

Investments in the tech sector

In April of 2021, the tech industry in South Yorkshire got a much-appreciated injection of money. Over £5 million was invested into the TEAM SY project, which connects to existing business support services in South Yorkshire. The Tech Ecosystem Acceleration and Market-making South Yorkshire was backed by over £3.5 million from the ERDF England Programme, which was created to encourage economic growth in various areas.

£5.9 million was invested to encourage start-ups and investment opportunities in existing tech businesses and will run for three years, intending to create 200 high-value jobs in the process. Companies like Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District which is known around the world and the new tech hub, Kollider, will be positively affected by the additional funds.

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