36 seater coach heads from Knaresborough to Ukraine, to help take civilians to safety

13 March 2022

Two friends from Knaresborough, Ray Allott and Jim Fulcher are taking a 36-seater coach to the Polish-Ukraine boarder this weekend.

The trip isn’t so much about transporting equipment, but providing a vehicle that can be left there, and help transport families to places of safety.

Ray Allott, thought of the idea to take a coach over as he knew that cars were being used to move people to safety. The idea was that the coach could move more people, more quickly.

Ray approached HACS, and they agreed to help finance the vehicle, and to do maintenance on it to ensure it can run for as longs as possible.

Jim Fulcher is a friend of Ray’s, and also has friends in Ukraine, so is familiar with the plight. Jim is Ray’s co-driver and took an evening ferry from Hull. They are expect to be on the Ukraine border by Monday and will hand the coach over before flying home.

Mark Smith, MD of HACS said:

Ray approached me with his idea and told me about his contact in Poland I was happy to get involved as I had been thinking what we could do to help.

Actions speak louder than words , the people of Ukraine need all the help we can give them.

Let’s hope and pray that the bus gets as many people as possible to a place of safety

See Crowdfunding to help take supplies to Ukraine. on JustGiving




Mark Smith, MD of HACS, Ray Allott and Jim Fulcher
Mark Smith, MD of HACS, Ray Allott and Jim Fulcher

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