Over 11,000 votes now cast on Harrogate Gateway Poll – still time to get involved

22 January 2022

As of this morning (22 January 2022), 11,461 individual votes have been cast on the polis poll on the Harrogate Gateway Project.

The poll has been running for only 4-days and seen an impressive level of response and engagement from the public.

A polis poll is different to a traditional poll with fixed questions. Respondents are asked to agree or disagree, but can then make their own statements for people to agree or disagree with.

The outcome will be made public on Sunday (23 January 2022) and will crucially include the areas where there is a consensus, and the areas that divide people.

We will be working with an analyst to evaluate the reports, and intend to close the poll midday on Sunday. A news item will then follow on the outcome of the poll.

There is still time to take part in the poll. All responses are anonymous, and help to create thinking around the subject, rather than pushing you into the direction of one opinion.

The Polis Poll:

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