Rebecca Dickinson
Rebecca Dickinson

Furloughed pilot lights up the sky with the launch of jewellery and accessories business 

2 December 2021

After being furloughed from her dream job at Leeds Bradford Airport, 24-year-old Rebecca Dickinson, put her entrepreneurial dreams to the test and has launched

As young trainee airline pilot furloughed during the pandemic, Rebecca has turned her passion for fashion into a side hustle, by launching a website selling “quirky and beautiful” jewellery and home accessories.

Rebecca, who was born in Leeds and attended St John Fishers in Harrogate, said:

Pre Covid-19 I used to buy and sell vintage clothes, I mainly sold on Depop, but I also did a few pop-up shops locally.

I really enjoyed receiving the positive feedback and through trial and error I started getting a real feel for what would sell well and what would be popular.

After making more than 1000 sales on Etsy, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace in the UK, Rebecca invested in the creation of her own eCommerce website, designed and branded by herself.

Rebecca said:

I was really disappointed to be unable to continue my flying lessons and buying and selling second-hand clothes due to lockdown. So, I thought about what else I’m interested in, and very quickly I Can’t Even was born.

Business started off quite slow, but I found inspiration through TikTok and got help from my sister who works at a PR agency in Leeds, and now the website has frequent traffic and sales which I’m really proud of.

Although Rebecca has returned to work and is now over halfway to achieving her private pilot’s license, she has no plans to push aside her side-hustle and is looking to expand her product offering to meet high demand.

If I Can’t Even’s business continues to grow, Rebecca plans to employ full-time staff to handle customer deliveries, so she can focus on finding new products and growing the business because the sky really is the limit.


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