Tesco presents plans for a new supermarket in Harrogate

Tesco is presenting plans to the public for a new supermarket on the former gas works site on Skipton Road.
24 September 2021

Tesco is presenting plans to the public for a new supermarket on the former gas works site on Skipton Road.

From Saturday 25 September to Sunday 10 October proposals will be available for view at www.tescoharrogateconsultation.co.uk

Proposals for a new Tesco supermarket were previously granted planning consent in 2012. Tesco is now proposing a smaller store with a new petrol filling station. This new store will also provide Dotcom deliveries and a Click+Collect service.

In March 2018 alternate plans were developed, along with a public consultation: Plans for new retail park, on approved Tesco site in Harrogate, to go on show

Tesco intends to submit a planning application later in the autumn. If the plans are approved, Tesco hopes to open the new store in 2023.

Andy Boucher, Development Executive at Tesco, said:

We are delighted to share our plans with the public for our new store and we look forward to hearing the views of local residents.

We know there is demand for a new supermarket in the north of Harrogate and this store will meet the needs of the local community. This will be fantastic new store which will provide a wide-range of high-quality food and non-food goods, cater for all budgets and deliver benefits for the local community.

Tesco say they want to be at the heart of communities across the UK and constantly looking at ways their stores can make a positive local impact.

This new store will also be part of Tesco’s Community Food Connection (CFC), which takes surplus food that is still fit to use and donates it daily to local groups and food banks to help those who need the support most in the community. This programme has donated 64 million meals to 8,000 food bank charities and community groups.



  1. Yes I agree but it was HBC that gave permission for all the new houses. Without thinking ahead about where are they going to shop!!. I welcome Tesco because I live not far and can walk to that location,and won’t have to battle to go to either the other 3 Supermarkets,and taking over 20 mins to get to them.

  2. Along with everyone at the other side of town – Harrrogate council are utterly delusional if they think it won’t cause complete grid lock !
    People all across hgte will visit the Tesco of course and will make the most congested part of the town worse . We don’t need another supermarket or yet ANOTHER petrol station good god there’s 2 a few hundred metres away . We need green space or a hospital or secondary school, something useful please!

  3. I really think that a supermarket on the opposite side of town may reduce traffic. The only supermarkets are only accessible via the extremely busy Skipton Road.

  4. I have been looking forward to this store being built as i live within walking distance. It is a pain getting to Morrison’s & Sainsbury’s due to high congestion levels on Skipton road and Wetherby Road. which is another issue Harrogate council need to sort out, a bypass from New Park/Killinghall around knaresborough to join up with the Leeds Road bypass at Knaresborough. I am however at a loss to understand why there will be a smaller store than we were led to believe was going to be built. I am also dumbfounded that there will be a petrol station when we have 2 petrol stations on Ripon Road within a distance of approx 500 metres that don’t have queues! I personally would like to see a bigger store with Tesco’s full selection of CLOTHES and electrical items etc being sold and NO Petrol station! This side of Harrogate serves not only Harrogate & Killinghall but all the out lying villages in Nidderdale and this side of Ripon. We have been waiting for Tesco’s to arrive in Harrogate for a very long time. I remember many years ago Harrogate council thwarting plans For Tesco’s to open a store on the Yorkshire Show Ground, where Sainsbury’s is Now, in the late 1970’s/1980’s. could you please enlighten me to why, is this Tesco’s plan or Harrogate Council’s?

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