Zero Waste Week: North Yorkshire wants your reusable items  

8 September 2021

It’s Zero Waste Week and residents are being encouraged to drop-off their unwanted reusable items at North Yorkshire’s 20 Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).

As well as the usual recycling, garden waste and general waste containers, every site now has a signed container for reusable items.

They are then taken to the not-for-profit organisation The Recycle Project in York to be upcycled, refurbished, used for community projects or sold on in their new shop located on Yorvale Business Park.

Residents are being encouraged to drop-off items such as homeware, furniture, sports equipment, tools, ornaments, vases, musical instruments, games, arts and crafts.

Bradley Mulhearn, Managing Director of The Recycle Project, said:

It’s great to be working with North Yorkshire County Council and Yorwaste on this exciting project and already the items we are getting from the sites have been excellent. Our mission is to turn waste into a positive and recycle as many goods as possible.

We travel throughout North Yorkshire, recovering goods and offering them back to the community in many ways. Saving the planet and helping the community is our commitment.


County Councillor Derek Bastiman, Executive Member for Waste Management, said:

We want to make it easier for our residents to reuse and recycle as much as possible. The longer an item can stay in use the better for the environment.

We are no longer the throwaway society that we might once have been, the climate change agenda means that we all need to be more sustainable in the way we live our lives and this is a step in the right direction.

Reuse is even more environmentally friendly than recycling and can save you money, help your community and prevent items ending up in the bin. One person’s trash is someone else’s treasure – so get reusing!

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