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Police work with Harrogate community as travellers leave Ashville College school field

7 September 2021

Travellers who parked on a school field in Harrogate have moved on following intervention by Harrogate’s Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Officers worked with Ashville College, local authorities and the travelling community after the group arrived in the early hours of Saturday.

They also have also been working with land owners including the council to ensure security is maintained at other potential sites around the district.

Chief Inspector Andy Colbourne said:

Communication is key in resolving community matters such as this, which can cause tensions on all sides if they are not managed properly.

By working closely with all concerned as well as the wider local community, we’ve been able to help deliver a relatively swift resolution and prevent any further disruption.

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  1. Sadly, whilst they eventually left, it was not until they had gone that the school realised they had stolen the batteries from the lighting tower generators, and had vandalised them to the extent that £1400 of repairs will be required. This is not a “community policing matter”- it is outright criminal damage and theft, but the police have not acted on it despite knowing perfectly well who did it. This is very disappointing

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