Bilsdale Transmitter – further services returned in some areas, but work on temporary mast ongoing

28 August 2021

Arqiva have said that more relay transmitters are back on air.

Work continues on the build of a temporary mast at the Bilsdale site.

Arqiva have said there is no specific new detail to share on the new mast, but they  are continuing to work round the clock to find a way forward. Previously, they have reported that there are access issues to the site and that they could not make the 28 August date for it going live,

Successful restoration of some Freeview television services for those who receive signals from the smaller relay sites in the following areas:

  • Grinton Lodge
  • Ravenscar
  • Aislaby
  • West Burton
  • Romaldskirk

These relays normally receive a signal from the main Bilsdale mast (Aislaby actually takes its signal from Ravenscar) and ‘pass it on’ to the communities in the area that cannot see the main mast.


  1. This really is not good enough. What about the hundreds of OAPs that rely on normal tv. Iknow personally of ten, who only have the tv for entertainment. But they STILL. are expeted to pay for a tv license. That they cant receive anyting for

    • I live in Bp Auckland and all my TV channels are now messed up the channels I want to watch I can’t so bad

  2. Utterly disgraceful , nearly 4 weeks now , incompitance and bad management are the issue , all masts should have a backup ready for such incidents, Everybody whose been affected should stand firmly together and stop direct debits for TV licence .

  3. We have retuned to Pontop Pike here in Washington , sick of waiting. Don’t think Bilsdale bothered about our area in Tyneside

  4. I live in Selby and there has been only a minimal amount of signal for over two weeks, it’s really getting beyond a joke now.

  5. My Dad who is 92 has not had a tv now for 3 weeks and it still looks like some way off, cant believe that there was not back up plans to forsee this, i think its really disgusting, if thas had been a problem down south it would have been sorted by now

  6. Sick of hearing services have been returned to SOME areas,well not my area. been without tv for over 3 weeks now.What is the problem with this farmer who won’t allow access to land,surely they must have had a contract of entry for repairs,he should be forced to allow access.

  7. This has got beyond a joke. I feel sorry for the elderly people who rely solely on the television channels. We have no signal at all yet I will still have to pay my full TV licence in December.

  8. It’s disgusting no info from anyone We live in Harrogate no Tele for 3weeks and don’t look like we’re going to get it back anytime soon

  9. I agree with Michael Foden in that there should have been a back-up plan. My parents live in the Fairfax area of Harrogate (HG2) and a local aerial contractor says their road is in a “blackspot” for tv reception, so they can only receive the Bilsdale signal (Tyne Tees) and not Yorkshire TV unfortunately. They are in their early 70’s, my mum can’t get out much for health reasons so relies heavily on tv for her entertainment. They currently don’t have a computer/Broadband (but are going to get this installed soon), so they’ve really suffered with the transmitter outage. A partial refund of the tv licence fee is the least they can do.

    • Have you considered getting them FreeSat? Better picture quality, Yorkshire TV and more reliable, 3 birds with one stone…

    • Hello my friend you are not alone. Its shocking, not everyone has smartphones etc. Not everyone can afford a subscription for Netflix etc. Come on guys get this sorted for the elderly and vulnerable, in our society.

      • We have been without a signal in Filey for over 3 weeks. Got a freeview box but can only get utube. Got Netflix but can’t get it or iplayer so have to watch everything on my laptop

    • Hello S Vale, I used to live in Pickering and know the town very well. Can Television House in Market Place not help you?

  10. I live in easington colliery county durham I’ve had no signal since day 1 it’s beyond a joke

  11. Still no signal here in my area of Darlington .Tried to retune youview via factory reset but a waste of time. Luckily we have iPlayer, so can watch some of programs but often one hour later than with the normal TV

  12. Here on outskirts of Ripon signal was weak when Bilsdale was Ok so what chance do we have of getting a signal from an 80 metre temp mast when they ever get that put up the lack of signal is criminal and if it was London it would have been back on the next day. Disgusted Arqiva and Freeview!

  13. Whoever this farmer is, he is a disgrace, why should bone person stop hundreds of thousands of us getting our TV and radio back? I bet he’s got his working or got satellite TV.

  14. My service came back on for around 2 hrs then went back of why can’t they get it all back on my sister in the next Avenue has had hers on all the time

  15. No service in DL8- are we really in 2021 or the middle ages – if it’s a farmer stopping the work – why ? I’m sure he’s receiving revenue from having the mast in his land ? Perhaps he doesn’t need the company of tv programmes unlike thousands of elderly people like to great aunt 94 and father 87
    Perhaps he can bring them and explain ?

  16. We are in hartlepool no tele since day 1 and doesn’t look promising for any time soon . Getting fed up now

  17. No doubt the engineers are on overtime so they will be milking it until some boss gets tough, in our present ‘woke’ society workers don’t like being told what to do, they get upset!

  18. Have Aquiva not offered any compensation?. What about the BBC do they not benefit from license fees.
    Absolutely disgusting, really feel for those who rely on tv.
    This should be national news.

  19. It is disgusting that in this time there has been no back up in place. There are hundreds of older people that reply on television and cannot afford the up to date channels or tv and no internet. I work mornings and find it frustrating that the only few channels I can get is rubbish. The picture breaks up and I get funny noises from my tv. If it breaks due to the disruption I guess no one will pay me for a new tv even though I am 64 and live alone disgraceful for this day and age. Jen

  20. Like all these comments, I am totally frustrated that we have now been 4weeks without a tv. My husband is in his 90’s with dementia and can not understand. And he keeps trying to get the stations on.
    How much longer do we have to wait? Now wondering if I should try to get an engineer to fit a dish .

  21. No ITV,more 4 or channel 5 I’m having to watch my program’s on my phone, I’ve returned my TV many times and get 32 channels starting at channel 12 all the channels I don’t watch? I can only watch BBC through iplayer my TV is my life line

  22. We live DL1 had no TV since day 1, the person who designed the mast has publicly said it would only last 10 years and now we are all these years down the line, surely some one must have told Aquiver this and thy have not planned for the future someone should be brought to account for this and made to give us some answers

  23. I was recently bereaved and the television was my only company. Please restore services as soon as possible I am getting depressed

    • Not everybody likes to read. For some people especially the elderly, who may not see anybody for days it is there lifeline.

  24. Just been playing Cluedo because of the lack of tv. It was Mr Arqiva with the Transmitter at Bilsdale that did it!

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