Bilsdale Transmitter fire: BBC to provide licence fee refunds in a limited number of situations

28 August 2021

The BBC have said that they will offer licence fee refunds in a limited number of situations for those affected by the Bilsdale Transmitter fire.

A TV Licensing spokesperson said:

Customers in the affected area who have been unable to receive TV coverage for over a month, and who are unable to view BBC programming through BBC iPlayer and on cable and satellite platforms, will be eligible for a refund or be offered a free extension to their TV Licence to cover the months affected.

We are continuing to work with our suppliers Arqiva to ensure services in the affected area are resumed as soon as possible.

Customers will be able to request an extension to their licence through the TV Licensing website, or via calling TV Licensing call centre on 0300 790 6096 after 10 September 2021.


  1. Still no TV, I’m paying no more licence fee text me when 3Pound Short, no text about how long it’s going to be off, it’s the only bill I begrudge paying,

  2. I too am annoyed that we can not get channels since 10th of August, and yes I begrudge paying a tv liecence after all what is there on the tv soaps that are rubbish, plus reality tv also rubbish and We will probably only get a month back , totally out of order

  3. The BBC has gone down market recently. However, the overall quality is still better than the stuff on the American channels which is constantly interrupted.with marketing propaganda, i.e., selling stuff that you already have, don’t want, or can’t afford.

  4. I’m 72 years old. Live alone and tv is my companion. Sad that I haven’t any channel to watch and I feel more and more lonely.

  5. I applied for a refund and was turned down saying that I can watch BBC on I player ?????what ever that is I am 74 years old and just struggle through with this technology they have no regards for any one except taking your money and if you dont pay they are quick to pounce on you

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