Letter: Keep the bollards in Knaresborough

20 July 2021

Dear Editor

I live in Knaresborough and am concerned to hear that the bollards to improve distancing for Covid may be removed.  My concern is that the pavements are so narrow, especially on one side, that

  • People will be squashed together again when Covid numbers are very high
  • Main road traffic  will be pushed closer to the people again
  • Emissions will be closer to the pedestrians, including babies low down in buggies
  • People will avoid the High street again thus damaging High St businesses

It is high time that Knaresborough High Street was made safer for pedestrians as well as better for retailers,  by slowing the traffic and making pavements wider permanently.

Currently, pedestrians avoid the High Street because of the noise , smell and physical danger caused by  heavy traffic.  Speed there should be slowed right down and enforcement installed.  It should be made pedestrian –friendly  by building permanent road-narrowing and pavement–widening extensions to the pavement, with planting where possible.

If the bollards are removed now, we have lost the opportunity to make the changes desperately needed for health and safety.  I’d suggest a survey of what users think and a trial using flower planters instead of the bollards to narrow the road.


Shan Oakes

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