Letter: cars v bikes

Dear Editor,

So much discord everywhere: cars v bikes, masks, laws to stop protest, football thuggery,  racism….  If we were able to  discuss and agree on the things that really matter, perhaps we would have less argument.

What does really matter?   I’d say, ‘Health is wealth’.   If we aim for  clean air, water and land we will all be healthier.

I’d also say respect for  diversity.  Look at nature which teaches us that it’s diversity that leads to balance and beauty: nothing is actually a ‘weed’, but humans make a lot of plans which mean that some plants are  inconvenient.

We need to review our priorities.  Regarding priorities on streets, safety should be at the top.  Knaresborough High Street is very dangerous due to its high traffic flow combined with narrow pavements. People are at risk.  We must not remove the covid bollards without  creating an alternative way to widen footpaths – and slow the traffic right down:  Twenty’s Plenty.



Shan Oakes


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