Matthew Chapman, Harrogate BID Manager; Dan Siddle, Crown Hotel General Manager; and Harrogate Pubwatch Secretary, Alan Huddart
Matthew Chapman, Harrogate BID Manager; Dan Siddle, Crown Hotel General Manager; and Harrogate Pubwatch Secretary, Alan Huddart

Harrogate Pubwatch relaunch with new app

21 May 2021

Harrogate Pubwatch operates under the National Pubwatch guidelines with the emphasis on ensuring everyone entering pubs and clubs can spend their time safely and enjoyably – and if anyone causes trouble in one venue, they will be banned from all venues which participate in the scheme.

Pubwatch now includes more venues to help support the café culture that is emerging as more venues seek to accommodate customers outdoors, and deal with greater visitor numbers.

Each venue needs a licence and the Harrogate BID has come forward to pay that licence for each venue, for a year.

The new app gives details of all those who are banned from Harrogate’s hospitality venues, and provides live information on anyone causing trouble within the town so that they can be excluded upon trying to gain entry.

Previously packs of photographs had been circulated, a system that become difficult with GDPR compliance.

It has also launched a Safer Nightlife Campaign, which is designed specifically to combat the sexual harassment of women in its venues. All participating venues will be given training and materials to help them prevent, spot and deal with such behaviour in an appropriate way, and again this will help to make people feel safer in Harrogate’s hospitality venues.

Harrogate Pubwatch Secretary Alan Huddart said:

I’d like to thank both Harrogate BID and North Yorkshire Police for their support in helping Harrogate Pubwatch relaunch after the third national Covid lockdown.

With the hospitality industry once again being able to serve customers inside, we will see more businesses reopening, which is to be welcomed.

Pubwatch is a scheme designed to alert all participating venues immediately about any trouble makers, and to ensure those intent on causing trouble, or found committing criminal activity, understand they are not welcome in Harrogate.

By working together to exclude troublemakers, Harrogate venues can offer a safe and secure experience to those who simply want to enjoy the huge range of hospitality on offer in our town.

Harrogate BID Manager Matthew Chapman said:

Aims of the BIDs are to make Harrogate safe and welcoming, and to support the town’s night-time economy. Harrogate Pubwatch does both, and that’s why are happy to support them in funding the app.

Harrogate’s hospitality offering is incredibly diverse, and whilst serving customers indoors is back on the menu, alfresco dining and drinking is here to stay, and our café culture will go from strength to strength.

Ensuring visitors feel safe visiting town centre venues and walking around at night is of paramount importance to us.

There are 31 people banned from all participating venues in Harrogate, ten of who are banned for life. Bans are issued from three months duration to life bans, depending on the severity of the trouble caused – generally most bans are for drug use, drug dealing, assault, nuisance and abuse but can be for carrying weapons and serious assaults etc.

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  1. Sounds like this is exactly what the council should provide. Shame that it only does so for those who pay… Although it is waiving payments currently it seems all venues should have equal access as this is protecting the public.

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