Decision to be made on schemes to support cycling and walking 

14 May 2021

Councillors are being recommended to progress three schemes aimed at enhancing facilities for cyclists and pedestrians across Whitby and Harrogate.

North Yorkshire County Council has received £1,011,750 from the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund to improve the infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

The grant, which must be spent during the 2021/22 financial year, is earmarked to fund work along a number of corridors to improve access to the town centres for cyclists and pedestrians, allowing for more space for social distancing.

Following the second round of public consultation, the schemes recommended for further appraisal and design are:

  • A59 (Harrogate Road, Knaresborough) between Badger Mount and Maple Close;
  • Victoria Avenue, Harrogate, near the County Court, between the A61 (West Park) and Station Parade;
  • Guisborough Road and Mayfield Road, Whitby.

If approved the Oatlands Drive scheme would not proceed through the Active Travel Fund but instead an Oatlands Constituency Feasibility Study would be commissioned to reassess opportunities for improvements across a wider area than the current Active Travel Fund scheme allows.

Melisa Burnham, Highways Area Manager, said:

The Oatlands Drive proposals saw a mix of support and objections and as result of the timescales identified within the Active Travel Fund programme this has not allowed us to consider the impact for all users sufficiently.

Our long-term vision is to be able to provide a safe, sustainable travel link for all from this side of Harrogate, recognising the key links from Harrogate Showground, Hornbeam Park and the secondary schools into the town centre, complementing projects such as Transforming Cities and the Victoria Avenue Active Travel Fund.

We need to explore what the impact of options will have on all users of the network and the feasibility study will allow us to do this through further conversations with transport provides, user groups and traffic modelling analysis.

Some of the savings made by dropping this scheme would be used to investigate and deliver an extended Whitby scheme along Mayfield Road.

County Councillor Don Mackenzie, Executive Member for Access, said:

I am grateful to all those residents who made the effort to respond to our recent consultation on the proposals for the four schemes. We received thousands of views and many attended our public meetings too.

The three schemes recommended to be taken forward were generally well received by residents.

The Oatlands Drive scheme, however, and in particular the one-way filters for motorised vehicles, proved less popular and many local residents expressed their opposition. Since a condition of the Active Travel Fund is that each scheme should have public support, it is recommended that the Oatlands Drive proposal be withdrawn.

The work done so far on this scheme will not be wasted since it has highlighted opportunities to deliver improvements more widely in that area. That is why it is proposed to carry out a feasibility study focused on the Oatlands area later this year.

The recommendations will be considered at a meeting of the County Council’s Business and Environmental Services Executive Members on Friday, May 21.

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  1. Its a complete waste of money. For instance, Claro Road, in the first lockdown traffic was sparce cyclists were massively increased. As were joggers. People are now back in their car. There’s few may think that proves your point? No now people are back at work have a tight schedule and juggling children. There’s no time to cycle and if your child does cycle they’re likely to have their bike nicked

  2. This is a flaming joke they need to start maintaining the paths they already have like the only path at the bottom of Otley Road between beckwithshaw and the new estate which is collapsing into the ditch and has as many holes as some of the worst pot hole affected roads. For anybody using walking aids that path is dangerous and if u have a child at the school there is no alternative route that can be taken. This is just 1 of the many paths that are in total disrepair which the council cant b bothered to fix

  3. Complete waste of money, it could used for a more deserving course, there are plenty of other thing’s that need the money spending on them, potholes in our roads, digging out of drainage gullies along our County roads, the rebuilding of Walls, that have fallen and are blocking roads, like the one Kirkby Malzeard which has fallen across a road in front of a primer School, but this is a few of the jobs that this could be spent on.

  4. Completely agree with Jenny’s comment. Now people are back driving it is far too unsafe to cycle round here and I have noticed anywhere near as many cyclists, so it’s obviously a waste of tax payers money focusing on them

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