Harrogate & District Green Party launch Bilton by-election campaign candidate

2 April 2021

Today Harrogate & District Green Party launched their local election campaign for the Bilton and Nidd Gorge division with a pledge to secure a fairer, greener future for all.

Arnold Warneken, selected unanimously by the Harrogate & District Green Party, said:

Now is the time to help local people have the say in local matters they deserve. I want to amplify their voices for the good of the community and for a #GreenFuture.

  • Work to make sure we all recover from this pandemic in a way that offers a better future for everybody
  • To give local people a voice on local matters and working for a #GreenFuture
  • Supported by the Green Party of England and Wales and their Green New Deal

Ahead of the local elections on 6 May, the Greens are looking to build on their record results from the last local elections in 2019, which saw the party more than double their number of councillors. (1 ) The by-election for Bilton and Nidd division is the only opportunity to make a change for the better, at least for the next year, if not longer.

See https://campaigns.greenparty.org.uk/local-election-results/

Arnold Warneken Bilton and Nidd Green Party Candidate said:

I have been engaged with Harrogate Borough Council, as a former District Councillor and most recently as part of the Climate Coalition, and have always been there for the people, I was elected to represent. Greens make a change, and the proof is in my actions. At the start of the COVID pandemic, I organised the volunteers in the community delivering prescription medicines to patients from the local GP practice, transporting people to hospital for appointments and most recently taking people to their vaccinations appointments. I am also a community champion working with the Neighbourhood Watch in Selby.

My experience is broad; I was Chair of the Environmental Health Committees, Area Planning 2 and Town Twinning. During that time, I was the District Council representative on the Selby Police Liaison committee and a director of Harrogate Theatre. I also established and chaired Harrogate Environmental Forum. This experience will be invaluable moving forward as the region changes under the re-organisation of the authority in the coming years.

I have a reputation as someone who listens, representing residents and takes action.

Local councils must have our climate in mind as we build the economy back after Covid. More Green councillors mean a substantial commitment to the climate action we all know is urgently needed in all our council chambers.


  • Arnold Warneken, husband, father and grandfather, has lived and worked in Harrogate for many years. He attended primary and secondary schools in Bilton, and after returning from university in Leeds, he worked supporting Bilton Conservation Trust, securing the future of Nidd Gorge and campaigned for HALT. 1991 Arnold was elected as the first Green onto Harrogate Council and became Chair of the Area Planning 2, Town Twinning and Environmental Health Committees. He was also the District Council representative on the Selby Police Liaison committee.
  • Now semi-retired, Arnold is still a partner in an organic horticulture & food distribution business. He is also involved in other local companies, including sustainable firewood and organic dog food. These businesses have won numerous awards, such as 1st in Harrogate BAFTER, 2nd in BBC Food Awards, Rick Stein Food Hero, Ethical Award & more.
  • Arnold also puts time aside to be the Chair of Tockwith Festivals, Chair of Springbank Surgery Patient Group, and a Harrogate Health Authority Clinical Commissioning Group member. Earlier this year, he was asked to join Harrogate Climate Coalition (set up by Harrogate District Council), with the brief of Food & Agriculture.
  • At the start of the COVID pandemic, Arnold organised 20 volunteers, delivering prescription medicines to patients from the local GP practice. Additionally, he set up a community allotment based on his smallholding, allowing local families to grow food in a supportive but socially distanced space.
  • Much of the work Arnold has done has led him to have extensive TV, radio and press experience on green issues. Plus, working with local councils and committees, he is an experienced negotiator, meeting-chair, mediator, team-builder, and running his own business for over 30 years. Arnold has also raised £30000 for specialist medical equipment for his local GP practice.

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