Keith Tordoff PFCC
Keith Tordoff PFCC candidate

Independent Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner candidate says officers should retain use of their own social media accounts

1 April 2021

The independent Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner has said he will review the decision to stop North Yorkshire Police Officers using personal social media pages for police-related updates, if he is elected.

North Yorkshire Police have said that they are following guidelines by the National Police Chief’s Council, but that is guidance rather than a government policing directive. North Yorkshire Police have said that each officer will have access to a smaller number of corporate accounts.

Formed in 2015, The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) is a national coordination body for law enforcement in the United Kingdom and the representative body for British police chief officers.

Keith Tordoff is standing as an independent candidate in North Yorkshire for the May elections.

Keith Tordoff, Independent Candidate for Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, said:

The number of social media accounts being used by officers needs to be reviewed, but stopping all officers using their own social media accounts is not the right thing to do as there is clear benefit to both the police and the community.

I think there may be some flaws in how social media is being used, but that just mean it needs to be reviewed and perhaps some greater guidance or training given to officers

The change is not being made in all areas, Northamptonshire police chief has said his officers will retain their individual accounts, so that sets a precedent that it is a not a change seen by all as the right one to make.

If elected this is a change that will be reviewed.

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