Wendy and Ross Kneller
Wendy and Ross Kneller

Family influence drives forward a new brand and website for St Margaret’s Homecare


St Margaret’s Homecare have announced a brand-refresh and new website.

The development comes at a key time for the business as they build for the future and embrace a new look to promote our position as a leading homecare provider in North Yorkshire.

Ross Kneller, director of St Margaret Homecare  said:

We are a true family run business and focus on our team and their resilience during what has been a challenging year.

Covid has changed the landscape for so many of us. We are proud that the St Margaret’s team have continued to provide exceptional homecare services to our clients in North Yorkshire during these challenging COVID times.

Having over 80 team members can provide a logistical challenge, but we strive to provide a constant daily presence for all of our vulnerable clients. Safety and care are paramount to us and being a family led business we boast a close-knit team who unite to care for our clients. Our team fully appreciate how much of a difference they make to the daily lives of our clients.

The business was founded by John and Wendy Kneller over 30-years ago.

John and Wendy’s son, Ross Kneller, has now joined the business to support Wendy and bring a modern way of thinking to operations whilst we continue to deliver the expert care and support services that we have been delivering for over 30-years.

Ross Kneller, director of St Margaret Homecare  said:

Covid brought grave sadness to the St Margaret’s family with the tragic loss of John Kneller, who founded the business with Wendy Kneller.

We aim to echo his legacy and continue to grow and develop the business John and Wendy successfully built over 30 years.

A new website has also been launched with the aim of more clearly demonstrating the services and the passion of the business.

Ross Kneller, director of St Margaret Homecare  said:

The new website allows us to showcase our services and above all our team and the passion that is embedded in our culture to offer exceptional care to our clients. We believe it is our exceptional care that sets us apart.

.In a time when homecare has never been needed more, our clients and their families can choose St Margaret’s and embrace our hands on support so that our family can become an extension to their family.

Joining the business after Dad passed away was the right thing for me to do. My objective was to embrace new technologies and drive forward a new era for St Margaret’s that builds on everything my family have worked so hard to deliver in that last 30 years.

A refresh like this will not only support business growth but also showcases our homecare services as the reliable, safe pair of hands that have underpinned our success.

The continuous first class services we offer enable families to keep their family members at home, where they belong, for as long as possible.

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