Julia Mulligan Police and Crime Commissioner
Julia Mulligan Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner

Additional funding for domestic abuse support in North Yorkshire

19 November 2020

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Julia Mulligan, has released details of the additional grants that have been made to help provide additional support for domestic abuse.

The funding to date has been distributed locally in North Yorkshire as follows:

Name of charity/organisation Total Funding Awarded Service Elements Funded
Domestic Abuse services that are already commissioned
The Cyrenians Ltd (trading as Changing Lives) £5,056.00 Additional Women’s Wellness Centre Project Worker hrs to provide 1to1 support & facilitate virtual support groups with workbooks for up to 18 women; plus Tablets & data packages for up to 15 women to access online support
Victim Support £   19,637.38 Specialist training & additional staffing hours to assist SVT to manage increased referrals for Standard Risk Victims & ensure they are referred where appropriate into IDAS for longer-term support in a timely manner; Hardship fund & providing practical safety/target hardening measures; Freedom Programme to be delivered online for up to 30 survivors of DA
IDAS (DA Support Services) £ 192,022.00 Additional Live Chat & Helpline staffing coverage, plus additional DA Support Worker hrs to provide 1to1 support; Additional External supervision for staff; ICT equipment for additional staff; PPE & other practical C19 safety measures; Hardship Fund & Target Hardening; Enhanced comms; Smartphones to enable clients to access online support; replacing lost fundraising income; additional CMS licences for new staff & volunteers
Community Counselling £   19,814.26 Training to enable telephone & Online Counselling offer; PPE & cleaning materials; additional Counselling sessions, admin support, line management & supervision, financial impact of holding clients wanting to wait for face to face & lost contribution to shared overheads & fundraising; training in online therapeutic support [play therapy for CYP] for CYP
Commissioned DA Services TOTAL  £ 236,529.64  
Domestic Abuse services that are not currently commissioned
Crimestoppers Trust £   12,540.00 Campaign to raise awareness of anonymous reporting for DA
Kyra Women’s Project £      9,769.50 Laptops, ICT support & Zoom licences to enable remote support; Additional Online Freedom Programmes; Kindles & dongles to enable clients to access online support; Sustainability Worker to focus on funding & fundraising
Tees Valley Inclusion (The Halo Project) £   15,000.00 Dedicated BAME Support Hub & Professional Advice & Support Helpline
Harrogate District Hospice Care t/a Saint Michael’s Hospice and Just ‘B’  £      5,567.42 ICT Equipment & applications; additional Counselling sessions
DA services not currently commissioned TOTAL  £   42,876.92  
Sexual Violence services
NSPCC £      2,049.66 Individual resource packs to enable homeworking with Child/young victims of sexual abuse
PACE £   25,000.00 Additional PLO hrs & PPE; Peer to Peer Parent Film; Targeted online campaign; parent information leaflets; online training for professionals; conferencing equipment; marketing & comms support
The Children’s Society £   35,634.30 Additional Support Worker hrs plus on-costs including recruitment & training; ICT equipment & PPE
IDAS (ISVA Services) £   55,987.00 Additional ISVA hrs to provide 1to1 support; Additional External supervision; ICT equipment; Enhanced comms & Smartphones to enable clients to access online support; fundraising income lost
Sexual Violence services TOTAL  £ 118,670.96  
TOTAL £ 398,989.52


The funding period was extended by the Ministry of Justice up to 31 March, and they have this week confirmed a further £76.5k for North Yorkshire support services until 31 March 2021. The PFCC is currently in the process of agreeing how this should be allocated locally as informed by updated Needs & Demand information provided by local organisations included those already in receipt of funding above.

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