Rotary Wood planning delayed

18 November 2020

After an initial meeting on the ecological mitigation plans with the Danone planning consultants it has been agreed to delay the planning application of the Harrogate Spring Water extension into Rotary Wood until next year. A date of 26 January 2021 has been suggested.

The meeting, that was attended by the below groups, raised a number of concerns and questions on the draft plans.

A further meeting is expected towards the end of November to look at addressing those concerns with more work expected during December.

It is expected that plans will be finalised by year-end to allow for groups and residents to make their views known early January,

Organisations in Attendance

  • Duchy Residents Society
  • Harrogate Civics Society
  • Harrogate Green Party
  • Harrogate Rotary
  • Pinewoods Conservation Group
  • Zero Carbon Harrogate

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