Zero Carbon Harrogate
Zero Carbon Harrogate

Zero Carbon Harrogate release Vision and Strategy Plan

6 November 2020

Zero Carbon Harrogate releases new strategic plan pointing the way to a low carbon future for the Harrogate District

Climate change threatens our way of life like no other global crisis in human experience and urgent action is needed, if we are to put in place the changes required to avoid its worst impacts. This new strategic plan brings to life what the future might look like in a carbon neutral District and identifies the ways to achieve it in the short time frame available.

Zero Carbon Harrogate is a voluntary organisation working to effect change across the District, to rapidly establish it as a leading low carbon economy. This can only be achieved by our local communities working hand in hand with business and political leaders to implement the actions required.

Covid-19 has tested our resilience to an ecological disaster of global proportions that has brought tragic outcomes for many and crippled our economy. It has also shown us that we are capable of working collaboratively and making personal changes in our lifestyles to control and limit the impact of such a global threat. It has given us an insight into the benefits to be gained when those human activities responsible for carbon emissions are limited.

Download Zero Carbon Harrogate, Vision and Strategic Plan 2021

Jemima Parker, Chair of Zero Carbon Harrogate commented;

If we continue to take a business as usual approach to the way we live and work we will breach the 1.5°C limited in global heating that the scientific community has identified as being critical if we are to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. We must adapt to new ways of living and quickly if we are to realise the very positive future envisaged by Zero Carbon Harrogate in this strategic plan.

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  1. As a Yorkshireman who now lives in Worcestershire it’s good to hear that my own county is looking ahead. As I am an enthusiast for the future use of hydrogen, in an effort to encourage the Yorkshire economy, a local cooperation with Sheffield based ITM might help. ITM make equipment that makes hydrogen using PEM technology. It is at present building the biggest factory in the world to produce it. The company is also leading a huge initiative on The Humber to use H2 to serve industry in the area. Aberdeen, Birmingham and London will soon be delivered of hydrogen powered buses from Wright Bus based in Northern Ireland, the Metropolitan Police own 25 H2 powered Toyota Milan cars and the minister for transport is keen to support a town that is prepared to use H2 powered buses.
    Europe is gearing up in a serious way to use hydrogen in a variety of ways.

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