North Yorkshire Police -  Traffic Police
North Yorkshire Police - Traffic Police

ONS report shows an overall reduction of reported crime by 24% for North Yorkshire

28 October 2020

The Office for National Statistics have today released ‘Crime in England and Wales: year ending June 2020’.

See full ONS report

For North Yorkshire, in comparison to the same period in 2019:

  • Overall -24% reduction of reported crime
  • -13% violence against person
  • +19% stalking and harassment
  • -34% sexual offences
  • -46% burglary
  • -31% vehicle offences
  • -28% criminal damage and arson
  • +20% drug offences
  • +19% possession of weapons

Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, said:

The period covered by these crime figures was anything but normal, but – despite that, and when compared to every other part of England and Wales, we should be pleased that North Yorkshire and York is once again the safest place.

While the number of some offences being recorded is significantly down, such as burglary and theft, others have seen cases reported rise, such as stalking, harassment and drug offences.

Any increase of course raises questions, but, in many respects, it is positive that people have continued to come forward to report these offences in their community. They can only be tackled, and justice can only be done, if police know about what is happening. The fact people have had the confidence to do so during the lockdown is important to ensure we continue protect those who are vulnerable.

As ever, I thank police officers and staff across the force for their work in this challenging time to keep us safe and feeling safe.


Billy Gazard from the Office for National Statistics Centre for Crime and Justice said:

Decreases in crime levels during the year ending June 2020 were mainly driven by changes in society after coronavirus lockdown restrictions were put in place. The most substantial reductions were seen in theft and robbery offences during the April to June quarter. There are indications that crime levels in June were moving back towards pre-lockdown levels.

Police recording of drug offences increased sharply throughout the April to June period, reflecting proactive police activity as overall crime levels reduced. Anti-social behaviour incidents also increased. These include reported breaches of lockdown restrictions to the police.


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