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Poll: Do you agree with the Government’s measures being introduced around Covid-19

11 October 2020

Do you agree with what the Government is doing around Covid-19 – do you think the measures are right, or not severe enough or too severe ?

Do you agree with the measures brought in by the government ?

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  1. Depends what measures you are referring too. Might be prudent to try this poll again after next week’s announcements.

  2. It’s all kicked off since universities started back
    No coincidence many of the outbreaks are in cities with these. Surely all courses could be run on line

  3. Time to kick this incompetent pm and his merry band of brexiteers out they are not fit for office and have failed the country . Ppl say that its only the tories can be trusted with the economy and are fiscally trustworthy, if thats true why is there 12 billion missing from covid budget !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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