Harrogate High School gets ready to welcome new and returning students


Harrogate High School is getting ready to new and returning students.

CEO, Jenn Plews said:

As we approach the start of a new academic year, we are absolutely delighted to welcome back our new and returning students after a long period of absence.

We are also very excited to be welcoming four new Senior Leaders to the school and Trust who join Mrs Clarke, Academy Head to form a dynamic and highly experienced Senior Leadership team.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic Harrogate High School has worked with a deep sense of collegiality and support for their student community and each other, prioritising well-being and regularly keeping in touch with students. We very much look forward to the new year ahead.


Academy Head, Charlotte Clarke

We are incredibly proud of our school community and how they have supported each other during this unprecedented time. Our students have shown such courage, kindness and resilience at a very challenging time in their lives. I am extremely grateful for the caring and committed approach from our staff team who have supported students with their learning and well-being over the lockdown period.

We are thrilled to be welcoming back all students on Wednesday 9 September and detailed planning, risk assessments and site developments have taken place over the summer period to ensure that school is safe for staff and students. A September opening video provides a tour of the school for our students, to provide clarity and reassurance.

Emma Dobson, Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead:

The whole school community has come together to uplift and support each other, prioritising mental health and wellbeing at the heart of our pandemic response, which has been a joy to see. Our dedicated team has offered personalised wellbeing calls and doorstep visits to students to support them throughout lockdown. Our students’ first day in school will be centred around wellbeing and we have invested in additional counselling for our students.

Despite Covid-19 restrictions Harrogate High School has been able to run a meaningful transition programme with activities such as; a virtual Trust sports day, an online ‘Meet the Headteacher’ evening and online tutor meeting for students, staff videos to promote wellbeing activities, a virtual tour of the school, culminating in two transition days in school which have helped to develop student confidence before the new academic year.

Academy Head, Charlotte Clarke:

It has been inspiring to hear about the many acts of kindness that have taken place during lockdown.

We should all take inspiration from Freddie Beasley, who joins Year 7 from Willow Tree Primary School.

Earlier in the school year he was involved in a primary school scheme that involved students and members of the community meeting to talk over breakfast. During lockdown Freddie sought out his companion, Ann.


Freddie said:

Lockdown started so suddenly and we didn’t get chance to say goodbye, and I knew Ann would be stuck by herself in lockdown so I wanted to make sure she had someone to talk to and wasn’t lonely.


Ann said:

When COVID19 ended our breakfast club I thought I wouldn’t see Freddie again. However, he sought me out and every week since we have face timed each other.

Freddie is an absolute joy!

He is a kind, thoughtful, caring, sporty and talented boy; I feel blessed to have him in my life. If only everyone could have a ‘Freddie’ in their life.

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