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Unison calls for “jobs first” North Yorkshire devolution


Trade unions branches representing UNISON members working in local government across North Yorkshire have united to call for a jobs-first devolution deal for North Yorkshire, following the government’s announcement that it wants to see reorganisation of local government across the county and York.

UNISON represents thousands of local government workers across the existing county, district and city councils, and local branches met recently to discuss their priorities.

Wendy Nichols, Regional Convenor for UNISON, said:

Our members are busy delivering essential public services and supporting the response to the Covid-19 emergency. Local government reorganisation is the last thing that they need now.

However, we are pragmatic and we recognise that the government’s intentions are clear. They want a unitary system of local government from April 2022 and our focus across all our local government branches in North Yorkshire will be to secure the best outcome for our members and the communities they serve.

UNISON’s six local government branches have come together to agree their joint priorities for the future of local government in the county. They are looking for a deal that will:

  1. Protect jobs and avoid compulsory redundancies
  2. Level-up terms, conditions and pay
  3. Minimise disruption to staff and services

Wendy Nichols, Regional Convenor for UNISON, said:

We look forward to working with our colleagues across the county, district and city councils to support a proposal that meets our three aims above.

In the meantime, all our branches will continue to support our members in these uncertain times. Now, more than ever, I urge all local government workers in North Yorkshire to join a trade union.

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