Dan Simpson, Harrogate Organics
Dan Simpson, Harrogate Organics

New wellbeing business, Harrogate Organics Company

Harrogate Organics Company’s products support post lockdown life
18 August 2020

New wellbeing business, Harrogate Organics Company, is opening the doors to its first bricks and mortar premises this weekend as its online business goes from strength to strength.

The shop opens its doors at 3, Station Square on Saturday 15th August and is staffed by advisors who can recommend the best CBD, aromatherapy, skincare and nutrition products, bundles which are centred around life’s problems.

Based in its hometown of Harrogate, the shop will be a real life representation of the wellbeing brand, which provides a blend of products that aid wellbeing and work together to help solve some of life’s problems such as sleep, stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Dan Simpson said:

We’re on a mission to show people the amazing power of pure, natural and organic ingredients. We came up with the idea for the brand at the end of last year, so before Covid-19 really took hold in the UK.

The website has been live for just over a month and we felt strongly about bringing our shop to the real world as soon as we could. We truly believe that our brand couldn’t be any more relevant and needed right now.

With stress and anxiety levels at an all time high, more than ever, people are searching for those little pick-me-ups to help them feel better.

Dan had struggled himself with stress, anxiety and lack of sleep. He had tried prescription medicines, but turned to more natural therapies and acupuncture.

Dan Simpson said:

I used to get less than 4 hours of quality sleep a night, but turning to natural remedies changed my life.

The benefits can vary for each person, but it is something I would recommend people look into for themselves.

I fully believe in all the products I sell, and it is much more than just a business to me, I want people to benefit like I have.

Harrogate Organic’s Company’s product range is made up of:

  • Re:cover: CBD oils and skincare
  • Re:lax: Aromatherapy diffusers and candles
  • Re:juvinate: Skincare
  • Re:fuel: Nutrition

Dan Simpson added:

Harrogate is the home of wellbeing. It’s Britain’s original spa town and is regularly voted one of the country’s happiest places to live.

So where better to launch a wellbeing brand to inspire people to lead a happy and healthy life? We’re very proud that the shop is situated in one of the town’s most prominent locations at the heart of its multi million pound regeneration scheme, helping to breathe new life to Harrogate, in more ways than one.

95% of our suppliers are from Harrogate too, as we’re passionate about the benefits of our local products as well as reducing our carbon footprint.

Everything we do is meticulously considered, from our recycled and recyclable packaging which is compostable in a consumer’s own garden, to the personalised notes on every order that goes out. We hope to bring some healing to people during these uncertain times.


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