Give your garden a makeover for summer

25 June 2020

The warm summer weather gives everyone an instant lift and brings us all outside. While that might see you head into Harrogate for some shopping, many of us love to relax in our gardens instead. There is nothing like being able to chill in your own space and unwind with a good book or refreshing drink.

But what do you do if your garden is not looking its best as summer arrives or you want to give it a fresh new vibe? The great news is that there are some clever tips you could use to revamp your outdoor space and give it a new lease of life. The below shows some fantastic ways to give your garden a summer makeover.

Trim or fell trees to open up the space

If you live in Harrogate and need a simple garden makeover idea which will give amazing results, why not consider removing any unwanted trees? While trees can look beautiful, they take up a lot of space and can block out light coming into your garden and views. Deciding to fell or prune back any trees in your outdoor space can open your garden up and make it feel like a different place in which to spend time. Always check with the local authority before you go ahead to make sure there is no tree preservation order in place.

Just this one simple act can transform your garden for summer and give you a completely different place in which to relax. It is always worth calling in a professional tree surgeon to do this work, though, as they have the experience and equipment to do it safely. The same is true elsewhere in the UK, where hiring a tree surgeon in London also makes sense.

Spruce it up with some new accessories

Even gardens like Mark Gregory’s RHS winning ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’, sometimes use the simplest of ideas to work. Another bright idea to give your garden a new look for summer is adding new outdoor accessories. The beauty with this tip is that it does not involve lots of hard work or money yet gives outstanding results.

Even adding an outdoor rug to a decking area gives instant colour and interest. Of course, investing in a new set of outdoor furniture is a superb way to revamp your garden as summer arrives. While this can be more expensive, there are some great deals around on garden furniture sets if you shop around. If you also think about adding new touches like outdoor cushions, wall clocks, water features and statues to your garden, then you will be all ready to enjoy it over the whole summer.

Put in some new plants

After the tribulations of winter, most gardens can look a bit sorry for themselves. That can be especially true for many plants and shrubs which might have died off. A great tip to transform your garden for summer, therefore, is planting new flowers and shrubs to make it look much better. As it is summer you are getting ready for, pick plants which like the heat and do well in warmer months. Good examples of this are things like begonia, geranium, lavender and campanulas. Of course, you could also put in herbs like rosemary or fruits like strawberries if you like. Getting new plants into your garden will make it look much more vibrant and give you that instant makeover effect you are trying to achieve.

Hire a pressure washer for your patio

As with some of the other things we have looked at above, this tip might sound overly simplistic. You would be surprised though by how much difference it can make to the look of your outdoor space. Decking and patio areas can get very grubby over time and bring the overall look of your garden down, especially after winter. The problem is that this can be a gradual process which you do not pick up on when seeing it day in, day out. To give your garden a makeover in time for summer and outdoor parties, hire a pressure washer to use. They are not very expensive and great fun to use. Once done, you will be amazed at how much smarter your patio and decking looks.

Create separate areas to enjoy

A good way of giving your garden a makeover for summer is creating separate areas within the space to enjoy. Many of us simply leave our gardens as big open spaces which can sometimes not work as well as you would like. By using cleverly planted hedges, curved paths raised planters and tall grasses; it is easy to section off your garden into different parts. You can create private areas for calm contemplation or other areas to host friends or for kids to play in. Dividing your garden up in this way not only makes it look a lot different, it also gives it more mystery and intrigue.

Pick a theme

If you want to change things and revamp your garden in time for summer in a significant way, why not choose a theme on which to base the new look? From tranquil Asian to the gorgeous Mediterranean, there is an excellent choice of themes you could use in your outdoor space. The key is to decide which you like best and do your research on how best to achieve it. Some themes, like Asian, for example, may require harder landscaping due to the way they use bridges, ponds and wooden structures. It is also vital to pick up on the materials, accessories and planting any theme uses so you can get the effect you want in your garden.

Summer makeovers for Harrogate gardens

As the above shows, there are some excellent ways to give your garden in Harrogate a lift for summer. Whether you go all out on a new theme or simply tweak the accessories or plants you already have, the tips we have looked at will undoubtedly help. All you then need to do is get your sun lounger ready to enjoy your new garden!

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