Harrogate Pubs open takeaway service

A number  of Harrogate pubs have started to provide a takeaway service for drinks.

Yesterday (30 May 2020) saw the Coach and Horses along with Three’s a Crowd open on the West Park area and today the Coach and Horses and Blues Bar have been open.

Also see HBC release statement on pubs opening

There was a lot of people in support of the step and clearly enjoying the sun and being able to buy a beer.

It was unfortunate that the area of Stray opposite the West Park is not currently in-service. That would have dissuaded people congregating outside the pubs, as many pictures on social media have shown. There were also many comments about not socially distancing correctly.

The footpath was often partially obstructed on both the footpath by the pubs on West Park and across the road, by the Stray. That made social distancing difficult when passing. Some of the groups were also large and mixed, likely breaking the current rules on gatherings.

Although there has been criticism voiced on social media against the venues, they are not ultimately responsible for an individuals’ compliance with the current rules for coronavirus. They do have an obligation to not actively facilitate breaching the rules though.

There’s also the factor that if they were selling coffee and cake, it would be likely nobody would have looked twice. But then that would also have been less likely to encourage groups.

It is apparent people stood, as against sat at tables or on Stray, they are much more likely to break social distancing rules.

Three’s A Crowd took the decision to not have outdoor seating.

The coach and horses had their normal benches, some of the bar furniture and others had bought their own fold-out chairs.

It’s well known that bars and restaurant are likely to be one of the last sectors to return to normal working, and before working they are likely to have to operate with social distancing measures, giving a reduced income. Although there is a furlough scheme in place now, paying some of the staff salaries, the government has also indicated that during July they will expect employers to start paying a greater contribution – this all makes it very tough for them.

John Quinlan from Three’s A Crowd, said:

We opened Threes A Crowd offering a takeaway service following the licencing guidelines and the guidelines set out by the government.

We worked with the North Yorkshire police to monitor social distancing, and they were supportive and helpful throughout. Helping us maintain the safety of our guests within the boundaries of our pub.

The majority of our guests were sensible and followed the social distancing measures set out with only a few that decided to ignore these.

With the stray being closed directly opposite and people beginning to congregate we decided to close early and stop serving, asking people to disband.

It was unfortunately that we had to end the day early but felt this was the responsible thing to do. We all have to adhere to the rules and the safety of our community is our priority. We took it upon ourselves to clean up the street and public bins of any litter and waste, we love our town!

We are a community led establishment and wish to continue our successful business while following the guidelines set out for all of us.

We will engage to discuss the continued guidelines with the local authorities to maintain a safe environment for everyone.

The Blues Bar has also taken the step to open the bar on Montpellier with Sunday, 31 May being the first day.

The Blues Bar operated a one-in, one-out system and only three being allowed to queue at the door, ensuring that people can pass on the path. If the queue needed to be more than three, then they were directed to the grass area on the other side of the road.

The grass area in front of the Blues Bar has been used for outdoor drinking for some time now, and without problem.

There were masks and gloves available inside, and we will make sure that there is distancing.


  1. How is this a take away solution.off sales of alcohol state the that the drink must be in a sealed container.the coach was selling drinks in plastic glasses.this is a clear breach of licensing laws

    • As a former Licensing Officer I agree, stating they worked with the Police is a load of crap. If they did they would have been told NO, the Police do not support any business who flaunt the law as they did. They have gone on and tested the market and disregarded the current legislation. It is not the staffs fault it’s management and Premise Licence Holder who is at fault and should be penalised.

      • They did work with the police. I was stood opposite when the police came and asked people to spread out and move across the road.

  2. This is a business in crisis, cut them some slack here…. as long as they were adhering to the social distancing rules let them do it, it is madness you want to penalise them

    • I think it was highly inappropriate, people were blocking the path for people trying to get past. Most of the people were not actually taking the drinks away, I cannot understand why the police were not there, it should not of been allowed full stop

  3. I must admit – I am flabbergasted at what I saw. Such blatant disregard. All of those who have died in hospital.

  4. Lots of people like a beer, but this was a total disregard to covid and licensing rules! It was impossible to use the footpath on West Park whilst maintaining social distancing. See you in the second peak!

  5. Have I been asleep for a month???

    It is not the 4th of July yet! The rules state that you can provide takeaway services only, that does not mean provide furniture for patrons to sit at.!! Yes I’m referring to the management at the coach they decided to set up a beer garden using there own furniture on the stray knowing full well this is not allowed.

    I would love to see the councils feelings on this, looks like a breech of premises licence to me.

  6. I was walking with my toddler in her buggy on West Park when both pubs were open. There was no social distancing at all and the footpath was entirely obstructed. We had to walk in the road to pass which was dangerous with passing traffic. I want the local businesses to survive but this is not a viable solution. Disappointing to see businesses and the public behaving like this. Not one person attempted to move for us or others passing. No coincidence that these selfish individuals are the ones ingnoring rules in general. They are the ones who spoil it for the pubs and they are the ones who will cause us to end up back in total lockdown and prolong restrictions. Take your pint somewhere else and stay 2 meters apart. Not so difficult.

  7. These people will be the cause of a second wave and ultimately of deaths. It is beyond irresponsible and yet they will expect the hospital’s to care for them, putting health workers at risk. I am totally ashamed of Harrogate. Premises with such a disregard for safety deserve to close permanently.

  8. Off Sales must be in a sealed container for consumption off-premises – any support for selling £5 pints in open plastic containers is moot. The pubs are shut – providing outdoor seating (in assuming on licenced premises) places a duty of care on the DPS / Landlord. I used to be a publican and understand the sectors current plight, but this is socially irresponsible and most likely in contravention of licensing laws – These people are literally risking their business to rip people off for a £5 pint! And completely disrespectful of other law abiding publicans. I’m also assuming the people working are not furloughed as that would also be illegal.

  9. How is it possible that it is not understood that selling plastic glasses of beer to drink outside the pub at this time is illegal. I think when we talk about takeaway we mean closed beers probably bottles that obviously cannot be opened inside the Pub.I do not know who is in charge of these checks but what I saw yesterday in the center of Harrogate is truly a disgrace for the Town. I hope that serious measures will be taken.

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