Talent shines through with online competition

11 May 2020

Harrogate and District got Talent started on Saturday and now has over 30 entries. It’s£5 to enter and all that goes to charity.

Anyone can upload a video to the Facebook page and you can vote by just liking the video. There are some big cash prizes.

Velton Lishke said:

After a fantastic start over the weekend, we now have over 30 entries and nearly £500 raised.

Even better is that we have just short of 2.2k people in the group now and the feedback to this event has been amazing.

I have had so many personal messages thanking me for putting this one as I think it’s the much-needed light relief everyone needed.

As for the talent, it has truly been outstanding from our youngest competitor aged 3 to our oldest aged nearly 70. All have been truly remarkable, I think a lot of people who wouldn’t normally bother due to nerves, but feel more comfortable in their own homes performing.

We have several countries following us as well from USA, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany and many more so this event has surpassed any expectations I had, and with local radio Stray FM and Harrogate Informer we are hoping to get even bigger.

People can still donate, even if not involved, lets have fun and raise some cash!

John Shepherd from Homefire Recording Studio in Harrogate has given his expert advice on making the most of your audition video.

  • Find a good space you feel comfortable in, whether sitting or standing. If possible somewhere with minimal chance of interruption or unwanted noise. Be mindful of anything in the background that might bother you on review like household mess or trailing wires.
  • Make sure the light is neither too dull or too glaring. Sometimes lighting off a little to one side is better than straight on. Check by taking a photo to review, then repositioning lights/seats/etc and reviewing again. Its good to do this a few times so you know what doesn’t work as much as what does. A phone holder or stand is useful if you haven’t got someone to help.
  • Watch out for too many reflective surfaces, like tiled rooms or large windows. If you clap and hear a quick echo, or talk and your voice sounds notably different then that’s a warning that the audio might not translate well. Where there’s an obvious risk of unwanted sound reflection consider hanging a sheet or duvet, preferably not in view.
  • Unfortunately one of the best things when preparing to record a performance yourself is to invest in a decent quality additional microphone. The good news is if you shop around there are plenty of options that do a great job but aren’t too expensive.
  • Rehearse thoroughly! Make sure you’re well-prepared and have some concise notes to one side as useful prompts if needed. If you’re going to submit a video or live stream you might as well give it your best shot.

See the Facebook Page for Harrogate has got talent

There is still plenty of time to upload your own videos and vote on your favourite videos just liking them.

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