Harrogate - 7 April 2020
Harrogate - 7 April 2020

Harrogate Police say majority of people are doing the right thing but there are some disregarding guidance

Harrogate has today (7 April 2020) seen a good level of compliance with the Coronavirus advice to 'stay at home' although there have been some incidents that the police say they have had to deal with.

Harrogate has today (7 April 2020) seen a good level of compliance with the Coronavirus advice to ‘stay at home’ although there have been some incidents that the police say they have had to deal with.

Valley Gardens has been largely empty, with few walking through. There has been some issues with young people using the skate park and some groups congregating in the upper areas of the park.

Harrogate Police have said that the majority of people are doing the right thing, but there are some disregarding the guidance and they have stepped up patrols.

Specifically there has been an increase in the number of people who are visiting the town, some reports of people having picnics, residents drinking in the streets, groups congregating in the town centre and people meeting up to go for walks.


Harrogate’s Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Penny Taylor of North Yorkshire Police said:

It is really disappointing that we are having to step up our patrols in Harrogate today.

Whilst we know the majority of people in the town are doing the right thing and staying at home, despite the beautiful weather, it is unacceptable that some people are showing such a blatant disregard for the Government’s guidance.

To those who think the rules don’t apply to them, please remember our NHS colleagues and the very difficult job they are doing right now and please remember the people who’ve lost their loved ones and the reasons why these restrictions are now part of our way of life. We are all in this together, we need your help, and each one of us can do a little bit that will make not just a huge difference, but the difference between life and death.

Our officers will be out across the town today with a highly visible policing presence, to disperse groups, enforce the social distancing measures and remind people of the seriousness of the situation we are facing. Seeing your mates can wait. Please play your part, stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.


  1. Just walked my dogs in the Valley Gardens. Kids playing in the Skate Park , really makes we wonder why the parents are letting them out. None of us like having to comply with theses rules, but a majority of us realise that the sooner we knuckle down and stay in as much as possible, the sooner this will be over.

  2. They should be arrested, given a criminal record and named and shamed They know exactly what they are doing . After 3 weeks they are ignorant selfish pigs.

  3. Why aren’t the police fining them? Also stopping motorists? No point in sitting there with lights flashing as people drive past ignoring them.. People playing football on the stray even with their own nets at the same time a 500 bed hospital is under construction 24/7?

  4. Unless there is a consistent visible clampdown on people not following the governments advice, there will be a tipping point, where more people will think why should they follow rules, if other people are just doing what they want. That’s when the trickle become a flow.
    It’s a feature of social behaviour.
    Modern society is unfortunately more geared towards total individual freedom, and the expectation of total civil rights which people think are above the law.
    It’s inevitable that if you tell individuals they cannot do something, a proportion will rebel.
    There is a noticeable lack of respect and little responsibility by a growing number of people.

    Despite the community spirit and selfless actions of so many people, I fear their work is being undermined by selfish people.

    And that minority is growing and will continue to grow unless harsh actions are taken.

    But our constitution only allows policing by consent of the people.
    Which restricts the government and the police.

    The whole of society is changing and will change, perhaps it will never be quite the same again.

    But every member of society needs to remember.
    If they are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem.

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