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ONS data links a further 40 deaths to COVID-19 as community data now included


The Office of National Statistics compile statistics of all UK deaths and deaths that are attributed to COVID-19.

From 31 March 2020 the ONS have included in the count every death registered in the relevant week for which COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate (whether as the underlying cause of death or not)

The ONS data shows an additional 40 deaths, when compared to NHS data.

This data will published every Tuesday with an 11-day time lag.

This is in addition, but can vary from the data published by the NHS daily that shows deaths within a hospital setting. That data currently shows that 1,789 have died where COVID-19 had been tested for.

The current published ONS data is to week ending 20 March 2020, and we will update this weekly as further ONS data is released.

The data below is the overall mortality rate in the UK by week, showing overall deaths, average deaths based on the last 5-years and the deaths attributed to COVID-19.

Week EndingUK deathsAverage UK deaths, previous 5 yearsCovid-19 deaths
3 Jan 2012,25412,1750
10 Jan 2014,05813,8220
17 Jan 2012,99013,2160
24 Jan 2011,85612,7600
31 Jan 2011,61212,2060
7 Feb 2010,98611,9250
14 Feb 2010,94411,6270
21 Feb 2010,84111,5480
28 Feb 2010,81611,1830
6 Mar 2010,89511,4980
13 Mar 2011,01911,2055
20 Mar 201064510573103
27 Mar 20526*

Figure with * is an NHS figure.

The ONS statistics, for the period available, show typical death rates for the time of year. However, the deaths recorded to COVID-19 were only just beginning to build.

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