Poll: Markets are continuing to go ahead, do you believe that is right in the current climate ?

24 March 2020

Bedale Market went ahead today and it is being reported as being busy.

Hambleton Council have said they are having Northallerton Market tomorrow and Harrogate Borough Council are allowing Knaresborough Market also on Wednesday.

Given the advice that we have been told to comply to, do you believe this is right ?

Should markets go ahead ?

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  1. You’d think the age group of most of the people in the photo (you know, the one’s most at risk from Covid-19) would be able to demonstrate a higher level of common sense and set a better example to the younger generations. If the markets are to be open then there needs to be better organisation to ensure proper social distancing. Its simply a matter of life and death and I’m not sure what we have to do to get through to these people! Do they not realise the implications of their actions and what it might be like if they were to contract an acute case of the disease when there aren’t enough ventilators. Ignorant, selfish and absolutely beggars belief!

    • The Councils are equally to blame for this idiotic behaviour as without the markets these selfish brainless halfwits could not have attended. We can’t go for a walk in a group of more than 2 yet Councils allow this – it’s simply beyond my comprehension😡

  2. Unfortunately most people are thick as S&/t until a close Family member Dies it won’t enter there Stupid Skulls

  3. I feel uncomfortable now if someone gets close to me in the supermarket or passing in the street, it just takes a cough or a sneeze. Are they mental, we are trying our hardest to get rid of this virus and they go ahead with that… it’s ludicrous!! A friends dad quoted ‘6 feet apart or 6 feet under’!! I totally agree, stay indoors all of you.

  4. For Christ’s sake..when will the UK get it into their heads this is not a joke…..a 21 year old with no underlying health issues died today, what more do you need you selfish ignorant people. I am a Harrogate Resident but spend a lot of time in Portugal which is where I am now on TOTAL and UTTER lockdown and everyday we see the UK twisting the rules to suit their selfish needs….personally if you behave in this manner you deserve to die but have some thought for the people who follow the rules that you will pass it onto. The rest of Europe is aghast at the way the UK is reacting to this serious threat and personally I am ashamed to be British you ignorant selfish pigs

  5. What planet are the local councils living on??
    We’ve been told to stay INDOORS (unless absolutely necessary) so we don’t spread the virus so why would ANYONE even consider whether a local market in their area should go ahead??
    Are the local councils that strapped for cash that they need the revenue from Markets to line their already fat pockets?
    Are the public more subnormal and moronic than I thought to actually attend these things?
    I’m 54, not high risk and totally healthy but staying indoors away from everyone (as told to) yet I see a lot of elderly people out and about like its a b***dy holiday. Do they want to die and clog up the NHS? Maybe they do!

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