Consultation deadline extended for Harrogate Spring Water bottling plant development as Ecology Report released

3 March 2020

Harrogate Borough Council say they have now received the Ecology Report from Harrogate Spring Water Ltd for their proposed bottling plant development into adjacent woodland.

The authority have received the ecology report and supporting documents from the applicant for 19/05245/DVCMAJ and that it is now available on their website

  • All respondents will be notified of the receipt of this additional information
  • The extended deadline for responses is Monday 16 March (an extra week)

A spokesperson for the Pinewoods Conservation Group said:

Although later than expected we are now pleased to be in receipt from the updated Ecological Report.

This will take some time to review so we are pleased that Harrogate Council has agreed to extend the deadline for comments for a further week until Monday 16th March. We encourage those with an interest to take time to review and feedback any thoughts.

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