Celebrity chef, Gennaro Contaldo
Celebrity chef, Gennaro Contaldo

UK’s only dedicated ice cream exhibition opens its doors in Harrogate

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The Ice Cream and Artisan Food Show opened the doors at the Yorkshire Centre this morning, running from 11-13 February 2020 in .

The is a showcase for the ice cream industry, with are a huge assortment of ice cream varieties, equipment and supplies.

The event is run by the Ice Cream Alliance, the only trade association for the UK industry with a 75-year history.

It attracts a high proportion of business owners and decision-makers from every aspect of the industry and other related sectors.

Ice Cream Parlours grow by 20% annually, this is the only dedicated exhibition for the UK ice cream industry bringing in a specialised visitor profile from one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors.

The event formally opened by Celebrity chef, Gennaro Contaldo.

Gennaro Contaldo, said:

I’m delighted to be back in opening the Ice Cream and Artisan Food Show. The passion that artisan ice cream makers have matches my own passion for good food.

I know Harrogate very well – I used to come here twice a month because I had a here.

It is a beautiful town in a lovely part of the world.


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